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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Zhejiang for cosmetics production standardization management < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:24:09 < / p> < p> xinhua channel of zhejiang oct 6 (Reuters) - Reporter authors) Since this month, will take place throughout the province of zhejiang a one-year pilot cosmetics production enterprise standardization management. According to introducing, major cosmetics production and sales in China, the pilot will serve as a model of zhejiang province, for the ministry of health of the next to provide a scientific basis for hygiene supervision and management of the cosmetics industry. < / P> < P> this activity led by health department of zhejiang province health supervision bureau, the city of hangzhou and ningbo skincare, hair with companies, taizhou dyeing class enterprise, jinhua companies such beauty decorate class and perfume is the standardized management of the pilot. < / P> < P> pilot projects refer to the relevant laws and regulations, the cosmetics international standards organization recommends cosmetic GMP guidelines and basic requirements of the domestic medicine, health food GMP, cosmetics production enterprise of each link and each procedure, strict specification requirements. Factory production line design, the building materials selected, location, design installation, waste and sewage treatment; In the production of raw materials procurement, check, inspection; After inspection, production line materials synthesis online inspection, finished product check and inspection; Laboratory sampling, retention samples for future reference within the category of standardized management, related personnel must also be trained before mount guard. < / P> < P> at present, the sanitary supervision bureau of zhejiang province has according to the characteristics of the cosmetics production and give full consideration to factors such as the present situation, the expected development and in line with international standards, establish the cosmetics production requirement and the sanitary supervision and inspection requirements. Officials said that the two documents detailed elaboration standard, all kinds of cosmetics production enterprises in the process of production as far as possible to reduce pollution, guarantee product quality, for the health sector for different categories of cosmetics factory preventive, regular health supervision and provides the basis. At the same time, health supervision agency focuses on cosmetics production conditions and the standardization of the production process management, rather than the final product sampling inspection, to push enterprises to improve management level, help enterprises to improve international competition ability has positive significance. < / P> < P> in recent 5 years, cosmetics industry has developed rapidly in our country, the production enterprise the good and bad are intermingled. To protect people's health, the ministry of health issued this year 'cosmetics production enterprise health standards' ( The 2007 edition) To the specification cosmetics production enterprise internal management, and hardware aspects put forward higher requirements. With nearly 400 cosmetics production enterprises in zhejiang province, is cosmetics production in China. Authorities said the pilot implementation in zhejiang province take the lead in cosmetics production enterprise standardization management, for the cosmetics industry provide a scientific basis for hygiene supervision and management, to establish an effective national health supervision management pattern has positive significance. ( the < / P> < P> < / P>
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