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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-30
Zhejiang cosmetics, diaper sampling percent of pass 97% < p> 2017 - 03 - 16 13:26:25 < / p> diaper is small fart fart, children face cream to protect small face, how are careless. Yesterday, the provincial health department released the recent cosmetics, infant health products for children and adult cosmetic results of sampling 218 sample average qualified rate of 97%. Four unqualified products will be sent to you by zhejiang health information network ( www。 zjwst。 gov。 cn) Released, including wenzhou lucheng lighthouse cosmetics factory production of 'sulfur shampoo' ( Specification: 300 ml/bottle; Production date: on February 25, 2004) D. cosmetics co. , LTD. , nantong in the far east Iraq d. milk production in the far east Iraq moisturizing cream children ( Specification: 30 g/bottle) , zhangzhou threesome daily chemicals co. , LTD. , production of the frog prince children ( Honey scent) ( Specification: 50 g/bottle) , Mr Bolton paper co. , LTD. Production of baby diaper, TM ( 13 pieces of large/package, batch number for 2006/12/12) 。 The total sampling the 29 cosmetics enterprise production in the province of adult cosmetic 56, including skin care class 27, hair with class 26 pieces, perfume class 3 pieces; Ningbo, lishui, huzhou city, four wholesale markets, 90 cosmetics retail store and supermarket distribution of children's cosmetics, 136 pieces, diapers of 26 pieces. Adult cosmetics, children's cosmetics and infant diapers qualified rate of 98 respectively. 2%, 98. 5% and 96. 2%. Cause is the main reason of the unqualified cosmetics, some enterprise production workshop air disinfection measures were implemented, cosmetics exposure time is too long, and the employees health consciousness weak, etc. The main cause of diapers microbiology indicators unqualified is that companies choose the humble unqualified raw materials, production equipment, and poor health conditions, product storage condition production site cause secondary pollution, etc. Source: today's morning post author: the correspondent jiang xin LuoKanJiao our reporter Xu Wei put
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