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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-06
Zhang xm as soon as possible establish beauty < p> 2017 - national standards 03 - 16 13:25:05 < / p> source: China according to China's beauty fashion newspaper club have done for the ministry of Labour and social security of China's beauty industry employment survey of survey data, the current national beauty industry workers up to 11. 2 million people, an annual output value of 168 billion, and with higher GDP growth of national economy rapid development. Beauty industry for a long time, however, in the position in national economy, and its contribution in solving the employment did not get state and government attaches great importance to the relevant departments, in addition, the rapid development of industry, there is disorder and blind expansion, standardize and guide the healthy growth of the industry and the development, has become a problem to be solved. In order to better promote the orderly and healthy development of industry in the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) at the meeting, I hope the relevant departments on the following issues can be caused take seriously, and further for the construction of industry standard: one, as soon as possible to establish state corresponding counterparts, government departments, to facilitate the development of industry sustainable development put forward the corresponding policy and policy. Secondly, establish and strengthen the industry association's function and role, make industry association in counterparts, and under the guidance of the government leadership, take 'perfect and standard, improve and promote the leap-forward development of the industry' historical mission. Three, produce industry management system of relevant laws and regulations, and articles of association, make industry practitioners, broad consumer laws, executable, and work here. Four, perfecting employment access education practitioners and access standards, compiling the national vocational education teaching material employment as soon as possible, improve access appraisal system, gradually improve the vocational qualification assessment and vocational training standards, can consider to establish education fund at the same time, the opening of a public vocational training schools. Five, the establishment of national hairdressing technology evaluation agency and beauty accident arbitration institution, in order to promote beauty technology scientific, standardized, at the same time for the further development of beauty industry in technology provide reasonable solution basis accidents and disputes. Six, clean up and rectify current of industry with shoddy, pornography, fraud, etc. Appeal to the media, correctly guide the industry development direction, establishing the image of outstanding professionals, positive publicity, industry reports, to promote professional beautician position and image.
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