Your skin color determines the color of lipstick

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-28
Most girls like to buy lipstick, but there are always lipsticks that are idle at home because they are not suitable for themselves. Today, let's take a look at the four typical skin colors suitable for solid colors, based on daily makeup 1, cold white--Blue and purple rose color 2, yellow skin-- Warm color coral color 3, wheat color--Warm orange 4, chocolate--Nude color 1, cold white-- Blue-violet rose color white skin is very good with lipstick color, but too peach powder lipstick color will give white skin a visual impact. White-skinned girls pay attention to too pink or golden lipstick when choosing lipstick, which will be rustic. Of course, the skin should also be careful not to choose nude lipstick, it will appear no spirit. There is also brown with caution. 2, yellow skin-- The warm color is coral color, and the skin color of Asians is yellowish. Therefore, the warm color with a little powder is very suitable for brightening the skin and coordinating with the yellow skin. The yellow-skinned girl is also made up with warm red lips to enhance the charm. But try to avoid the choice of cold-colored powder lipstick 3, wheat color-- Warm orange is a healthy wheat color that is lighter than chocolate skin color. Pay attention to avoid neutral color in lipstick selection, and choose warm orange with high saturation to blend into wheat skin color. Or thick or light lipstick or golden lipstick can exude different charms. 5, chocolate-- Nude color is a lot of chocolate color stars abroad. The red carpet will wipe the sexy red lips, but life will be exaggerated. Black girls prefer a nude color that contrasts with skin color, very charming and sexy
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