You must not know the whitening strategy

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-28
White is the pursuit of a woman's life, not only can foil temperament, but also appear more beautiful, more simple, so that the opposite sex has the impulse to protect. You must not miss this whitening strategy if you have been focusing on whitening. Whitening is a gradual and chronic process. First of all, whitening is a gradual and chronic process, which is related to many factors such as heredity, diet, physical and mental health, external environment, sun exposure, etc, it is impossible to become Snow White overnight. Whitening and freckle removal must be found in a large hospital or beauty salon that is well-known to all. It must also be based on its skin quality and physical and mental health. Whitening and freckle removal should follow the individualized scheme. Secondly, whitening and freckle removal should follow the individualized scheme. Different skin colors and skin types should choose different whitening and freckle removal products, such as cream, milk, gel, etc. for oily skin; For dry skin, whitening products with cream, oil and moisturizing ingredients should be selected; For sensitive skin, products without spices, preservatives and other additives should be selected to avoid skin allergic reactions. Pay attention to whether the product used contains harmful ingredients. Third, whether the product used contains harmful ingredients, that is, it will have a negative impact on the skin over time while whitening, for example, individual beauty salons or whitening and freckle-removing products pursue simple economic benefits, adding glucocorticoids to their products, and the skin color is getting better and better in the short term after application, however, the skin will suffer from pigmentation, atrophy, telangiectasia, folliculitis, acne and other changes over time. It is simply impossible to recover. Truly beautiful skin is by no means pure white. Finally, truly beautiful skin is by no means pure white. Albinism is a hereditary disease of melanin synthesis disorder, and the skin of patients is very white, due to the lack of protection of melanin, photophobia, tears, sunburn and other symptoms occur, and it is also easy to cause solar dermatitis and skin cancer. I believe no one is willing to try this morbid White, we are pursuing healthy and vibrant white. In fact, if the whitening homework is done in place, it will not only make the skin fair, but also improve the skin condition, solve the oil problem that is difficult to solve, and let the pores on the face disappear.
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