You know the main manufacturers of cosmetics OEM/ODM in where?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

do you know where is the major cosmetics manufacturer of cosmetics? In fact, with the exception of a small business products, part of the domestic cosmetics are basically come from guangzhou, in addition to the domestic independent brands, even many international cosmetic brands, are also choice and guangzhou cosmetics OEM factory, business cooperation. About the cosmetics manufacturers, do you know how many again? With next gen yao institute of small make up together to explore!

basically cosmetics manufacturer in guangzhou, but guangzhou cosmetics factory in baiyun district and basically. And it is worth mentioning: guangzhou baiyun district why there are so many cosmetics manufacturer? Say first white clouds, the origin of the cosmetics section is baiyun district government in 2007 by xingfa square as the core, with white clouds cosmetics business circle for the exhibition venue, is to accelerate the baiyun cosmetics industry, show a brand strategy.

the baiyun cosmetics festival each year, has more than 6000 companies, visit the accumulated more than 1 million, contribute to turnover is about more than 200 one hundred million yuan, the surrounding economic zone development 6 billion yuan. These data suggest that the cosmetics industry, as one of traditional superior industry of baiyun district, occupies an important position in the international economic system.

baiyun cosmetics section influence inseparable relations with the middle of cosmetics enterprises. You know, baiyun district, guangzhou cosmetics enterprises are mainly distributed in accounting for 78% of the total number of enterprises, followed by huadu district, panyu district. Currently, baiyun district has become the country's large-scale circulation enterprises cluster base cosmetics, was the industry known as the 'silicon valley' the Chinese cosmetics industry.

the global cosmetics at guangzhou

guangzhou cosmetics to see white clouds, the global cosmetics in guangzhou. 'Of cosmetics OEM' guangzhou, has become a microcosm of Chinese cosmetics industry. On the state drug administration official platform to check the 'knowledge economy' the reporter, as of April 24, 2019, the national have cosmetics production license has 4883 enterprises, among them, 2680 have cosmetics production enterprises in guangdong province. That said, the country has more than half of cosmetics manufacturer production enterprises are located in guangdong province. production enterprises in guangdong province, guangzhou has more than 1800, accounted for 67%.

the number, product number that same question. Journalists and query to the knowledge economy, in the domestic cosmetics for special filing platform for the record of more than 1. 84 million kinds of products, and cosmetics production enterprises for the record by guangzhou has more than 1 million, accounting for more than 54. 3%.

so cosmetics OEM/ODM of major manufacturers in where? Do you know the answer? XJ Beauty of the two main factory is in baiyun district oh, welcome to come to consult the cosmetics OEM/ODB related matters!

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