You know poria cocos processing technology, poria cocos moisturizer, poria cocos, the method of making cold cream?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
Poria cocos cold cream have Beauty to raise colour effect, didn't play before sleep can let skin become smooth and apply the following XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer small make up to you to introduce poria cocos moisturizer, poria cocos, the formulation and producing method of cold cream. Poria cocos cold cream processed, poria cocos moisturizer processing technology ( A) 15 formula liquid paraffin, cetyl alcohol 6, 2 of olive oil, lecithin (1, N - Sodium lauroyl glutamate 1, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate 0. 2, spices 0. 1, tuckahoe powder 0. 2, the water 74. Five copies. ( 2) The technological process of poria cocos - grinding - tuckahoe powder to mix preparation, quiet place - flavored - cooling - finished products ( 3) To make ( 1) Poria cocos treatment selected no bug eat by moth, WuBingHai, colour and lustre is milky white quality of poria cocos, use grinder to grind into powder and sieving to impurities, set aside. ( 2) Miscibility preparation according to the above formula materials composition, tuckahoe powder, cetyl alcohol, olive oil, lecithin, N - Sodium lauroyl glutamate, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate as in liquid paraffin, stir when heated to 70 ℃, the fully blending and let stand for one day and night. ( 3) Add sweet day and night in the quiet place a moisturizer to add spices, stir fully, make its natural cooling, bottled box, is the finished product. Second, poria cocos cold cream processing technology ( A) 1 formula liquid petroleum jelly 52, borax, spices right amount, beeswax, 14, 32 (1 tuckahoe powder, water 2) To make ( 1) Poria cocos treatment with no bug eat by moth, WuBingHai, colour and lustre is milky white high-quality poria cocos as raw material, poria cocos with mill grinding into powder, sieving to miscellaneous, set aside. ( 2) Cold cream. then make put liquid petroleum jelly with wax container, water bath heating. Then add borax and water and gently stirring hard, when the temperature dropped to 60 ℃, the add 0. 5 ml spices, continue to stir, main cold cream. ( 3) Poria cocos cold cream preparation when cold cream after the meal preparation temperature down to about 50 ℃, standby tuckahoe powder is added in, mix hard, let it to bottled box after natural cooling, label warehouse storage or after sales. 。
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