You are very hot! I'm very cold! My existence is to love you ~

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15

there is a hydrating, containment of toner

is the correct way to open!


the outermost layer of skin is really not a

always want to prevent the containment cap cap

dry skin really can't afford to hurt the

points minutes in moisturizing moisturizing moisturizing

XJ Beauty of YT toner

is a parity and the conscience of products

whether brand agreed processing system

or consumers to purchase

is value experience

small make up to amway you a summer for the toner

make you relaxed

you are very hot in summer. I'm very cold! My existence is to love you ~

YT toner help you girls from

'summer should besmear what' the tangle of

actually said summer skin care, fear most is bought does not fit the season on the other hand, painted on the sticky, is not fresh.

TF toner toners are the main ingredients: tremella polysaccharide

tremella polysaccharide has a great effect that protect skin 'moisture'. Add tremella polysaccharide in many skin care products to improve moisturizing hydrating ability, the heat of the summer and sunshine always thirsty skin, tremella polysaccharide to protect skin to taste, can help build water embellish skin

the Gospel of dry skin and oily skin types girls:

tremella polysaccharide is recognized as the best moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing skin care is an important part of, dry skin you can't miss this moisturizing especially big king, the outermost layer of skin mm have to meet it, 'water containment' endures only oh.

tremella polysaccharide from natural plants, can play a transdermal absorption. Increase skin hyaluronic acid content, nourishing and moisturizing effect, improve dry and have wrinkles the skin, make its restore the original smooth and elastic. Transdermal absorption, further improve your skin, is the escort of your skin.

user experience in the summer, as the fairy

is relaxed, clean ~

don't dry, oil all

YT toner relations with you

you are very hot! I'm very cold! My existence is to love you ~

grass planting, welcome, of course, more welcome custom processing oh ~ ~

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