You are not old collagen is less

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-23
With the functional differentiation, cosmetics growing consumer demand for anti-wrinkle, fight decline, etc. 'Frozen age' and 'counter current' becomes a new issue of current cosmetics research and development. , however, has long been a cosmetics industry is greater than the effect on the resistance to failure is mostly propaganda level level, the concept of ageing was repeatedly brought hype and propaganda, rarely have a product to really fight decline and anti-wrinkle effect. The aging is one of the main reasons for the loss of collagen, in the true sense of aging starts with the changes in the dermis. In the general population has loss of collagen from the age of 20, 25 accelerated erosion, loss of up to 5 - on average 6 g/day, women erosion 2 men. 5 times. With the loss of collagen, replenish collagen total demand is rising trend. In the fight against skin aging is the main way of collagen supplements, you need a collagen wire. Restructuring anthropogenic collagen effect 1, due to the restructuring of anthropogenic collagen rich hydrophilic amino acid residues, have very strong hydrophilic, very is suitable for the adhesion and growth of fibroblasts. 2, is conducive to cell survival and growth. At the same time, its tendency of guide may guide epithelial cells into the damaged area quickly, effectively improve skin regeneration speed, shorten the wound healing time, to restore the skin barrier function. 3, inhibits complex enzyme complex amino acid glycine into dopamine quinone, thus effectively reducing the generation of black things, reduce pigmentation, whitening the skin. 4, accelerate the metabolism of skin tissue, improve microcirculation, moist skin maintenance. 5, accelerate the regeneration of the collagen fibers and rearrangement, enhance the skin's ability to support and flexibility. Traditional collagen 1, rejection, no rejection or allergic reaction, cause the implant site aseptic inflammation and cell number and form change; 2, used in the manufacturing process of efficacy uncertain of acid, alkali, enzyme, etc. , can lead to the hydrolysis of collagen, the end product molecular weight heterogeneity, efficacy under certain influence.
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