XJ BeautyOEM: want to zero defective skin, absolutely can't break the skin principles!

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-18
Want to zero defective skin, absolutely can't break the skin principles! For those god enjoy a meal at the girls, are generally not a born beauty, zero defect of skin, well, even if few washs a face, don't wipe skin care products, skin is still good jealousy, dust in the legend of the roof! Well, after all, most of us are not god reward meal, so, we must do everything by themselves, on the day after tomorrow to maintain the ~ in the later period maintenance, there are eight principles of absolute can't see if you can have a break ~ you trample ray? Adhere to rub sunscreen can rub sunscreen every day little fairies, especially in the winter, most is can need not need not, in the summer, the sun didn't use, can wear a hat, not dozen umbrella, sunscreen can never open an umbrella. However, for this kind of love sunscreen ( Because the skin won't breathe) Sister, an ultraviolet stimulation is everywhere, even if it is rainy, cold winter, the harm of UVA is real, it's no wonder that others Bai Chengguang, you black soil to use prevent bask in coefficient at least SPF30 is prevented bask in a product, and in the sun more sinister climate, if when the sun is shining at noon to stand for a long time in the outdoor, it is recommended to use SPF50 above, some dermatologists recommend even stay indoors during the day to prevent bask in segregation. ( If is the holiday at home, not stay beside the glass don't need to for a long time) If allergic to sunscreen girl, on both physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreen, can let the skin stimulation of this type, only on the physical sunscreen, sunscreen sleeve, sun hat, sunglasses, masks all get up ~ let's play a game, called 'guess who I am? 'let the skin more healthy sport, can speed up the body's circulation, active blood, sweat, will see their eyes clear, sparkling skin, experience a few times more results after skin with oxygen, maybe you will be more willing to move on every night after work. Exercise is to the body detoxification is a very good way, the so-called 'poison', and more Suggestions from the body to go up to your body detoxification method are: the time line is defecate detoxification, fastest and most effective way for women because gas blood deficiency, lack of gas often lead to constipation, sports, can make the body is accelerated circularly, at the same time also can let the lower limb is accelerated circularly, not easy jam, defecate is smooth. If defecate difficulty, rubbing the belly every day three hundred times also can promote defecate dalai. Sweat in addition to defecate, sweating is another very important detoxification pathways, the human body skin is the body's largest excretion organs, can discharge toxins from the other organs can't solve. All the year round, is the need to support the only summer, when the temperature is higher, the pores open, blood poured on to the surface, can the deposition in the body of toxins through sweating as much as possible. But the widespread use of air conditioning, the indoor temperature is too low, the pores were all closed and toxins in the body can't discharge from the skin, all from the kidney to eliminate, increased the burden of the kidney, such poison also incomplete. Have no matter to bask in the sun, health fitness, the sweat, can help eliminate dampness gas and toxins from the body to discharge makeup to bed for sleep after discharge makeup this matter, not the girls feel very can, since the sleeping skin to accomplishment, the evening go home to discharge makeup, sleep again, otherwise the skin will not good, so the question comes, a nap should discharge makeup? A nap can not discharge makeup! Premise: sleep time is not long, such as commuting, half an hour to an hour or so, little nap, don't need discharge makeup. But! If you sleep until dark, sleep till the next day the dawn, and you still discharge makeup to make a nap after dinner, it is easy to sleep in the morning! Suggest a habit, a home immediately take after discharge makeup oil to wipe the dirt with cosmetic cotton directly to wash a face, at least in the rest of the body at the same time, also let opens pores to breathe! Occasionally not discharge makeup does not necessarily cause much impact to skin, accumulate over a long period, however, must be a devastating damage the skin, not just black mouths, acne, blain blain is the more important is directly influence on the speed of skin aging. Never use hand dug blain blain although we all know, the hands of the bacteria is the biggest killer in the skin, but to see is can't help with the hand to squeeze blain blain, picking, processing finished just cool ~ you know, even if had washed but not the shelter evil people and practices within the nails clean carefully, to squeeze blain blain wound is definitely will be disastrous, even to squeeze acne, conveniently also help bacteria take greater channel, cause more deep infection and suppuration or irritation, blain blain is more likely to break out repeatedly, leave blain scar would be much worse. For a simple clean acne, in addition to remember to wash clean and sterilization. Recommended to use clear acne needle, if really worried that he did not know how to use, at least in front of two pressure out pus, not easy to miss at least broken skin!
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