XJ BeautyOEM: the form of OEM

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
OEM form China known as the 'world factory', this statement represents the OEM a lot of products in our country, but many or even most of the products are used in foreign brands. OEM in the cosmetics manufacturer, clothing, electrical and mechanical industries are abundant. Even in the world's industrial history, also is a kind of very common phenomenon. Many countries and regions, companies are all adopt the way of branded took to the road of development, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan is so. In the process of cosmetics OEM, there are people on both sides of the cooperation: brand manufacturers and suppliers. Brands using self-owned brand, sales channels, the core technology and other market resources, will be not good at production outsourcing, to other companies to do it, and focus our limited resources used in the core business, in order to improve their core competitiveness; Suppliers according to the requirement of the brand manufacturers to provide products or components, the supplier can produce by oneself, can also be outsourced business contract manufacturers. At the same time, many brands and other brands of suppliers. In our country, the OEM is the earliest embody 'three to fill a' namely, processing, processing, assembling supplied parts and compensation trade. Not all of the production with foreign cooperation are branded products, in general, we can from the OEM business main body, shape and scope of three aspects to judge whether a kind of economic behavior is OEM. 1) OEM trading main body. OEM trading main body is the OEM producers and buyers of products, the producer of the product is called OEM supply enterprise, the buyer is called OEM enterprise purchase. 2) OEM trading pattern. OEM trading form, refers to the OEM supply enterprises, a OEM products production capacity will be their own design and development of products of the company, use OEM purchase enterprise's trademark for production, to buy and sell these products by enterprises OEM purchase transaction form. However, if the OEM buy companies will buy products plus additional value to sell again, do not belong to OEM business. In addition, if the deal covers a variety of products, and could produce both sides for OEM suppliers and purchasers, we call each other OEM business. 3) The scope of the OEM products. OEM products OEM enterprise purchase to OEM products, on the product does not attach any additional value and market the same product. That is to say, in the production of OEM products include all the OEM trading the same stage of production. Instead, even with a purchase enterprise trademark design, development, production of components and semi-finished products to manufacturers production suppliers, in our company as soon as possible if the final again to perform a defragment or it into with the company logo of finished goods, these products are not included in the scope of OEM trading, and can only be commissioned production. Therefore, such products can only calculate the raw product. Stick a card there are four forms of China's main OEM form 1) OEM and own brand and the camp. Refers to enterprises on the stick a card at the same time also have white brand development. Guangzhou dream d. while carry out all-round cooperation with multinational company, guangzhou dream d. products on the one hand, through the network of the multinational company to the world; On the other hand, guangzhou dream d. adopted in the domestic market has its own brand strategy, using its low-cost expansion and scale advantage, and grasp the production technology in the domestic sales of own brand cosmetics. 2) Professional OEM. The operation mode of the main reasons from the detailed and specialized division of labor. 3) Reverse OEM. Usually OEM operation, brand can have a party with a number of production capacity of product supply enterprise cooperation, product supply enterprise for brand has no ability to control, intelligence is out of their own ability and advantage to attract brand has a party, and the major characteristics of the reverse OEM is the product supply through the capital operation, have party have some control over the brand, so that the brand has a must buy product supply products, but the brand or the brand products use a party held by the brand. 4) OEM to each other. This model refers to an enterprise which is engaged in the operation of the OEM is both brands have party, and the product suppliers. Different ways of enterprises through OEM, especially for included in the new field of business, in this way to integrate external resources, combined with its own brand advantage or production advantage at the same time, between enterprises in the formation of complementary advantages, formed a strategic alliance. Enhance their competitiveness and KaiTaLi.
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