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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
For global women's personal pressure increasing phenomenon also bring the beauty of their self-confidence and self-esteem are a bad influence. If understand the pressure source, can very good solve the problem. At present, the beauty of a narrow concept has already started to become mainstream. And web celebrity bring us's influence is also growing, we can see that the standard web celebrity are generally thin body, big eyes, V face of copy and paste, when people open the film and television play or broadcast platform, every popular actress or popular web celebrity appearance seemed to be printed in the same mould. . . The beauty of the face is so narrow and biased view is not surprising that at home, you have a thin face needle, I cut a european-style double-fold eyelid all have already like a daily occurrence, the public's aesthetic has deviated from the traditional, appears to be consistent to the concept of beauty. Compared with other countries, domestic consumers are more dependent on through the media or social networking platform to pay for skin care or personal health information, domestic women's perception of media manipulation of the female image is low. Many women believe that the pursuit of media show net blush is important point their self-improvement. Thus it can be seen that the domestic female is shaped by the media of single beautiful and the lack of the correct judgment. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory think, under the reference of social media, to the present society has created a kind of pursuit of perfectionism competition culture atmosphere, but also in encouraging people to accept consistent aesthetic idea. Fifty percent of young women would expect to see in the media model or star of direction. Sixty percent of adult women think that only reach a certain standard of beauty, they will live more happy. In addition, according to the relevant questionnaire in, single and stylized beauty standards for young women, in fact is harmful. Collarbone challenges both in social media attention or A4 waist challenges, etc. , this is similar to compare behavior are communicates a message of a negative energy, is also a kind of unhealthy culture. The pressure of the Chinese women there is a small stage, especially in adolescence, is a rebellious small peak. The girl of this stage especially like to imitate the stars and models dressed in style, but also will feel the pressure. In the 25 - Around the age of 34 women for marriage, family, career expectation has increased in the further, for the sense of urgency is slowly emerge of the age, the pressure of a lot of women will come from various aspects. Have representative said, find a job in various compared with others, such as dress will bring its stress. In addition, there are material comparing, comes from the pressure of life. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer generation process, found that nearly eighty percent of Chinese women in the major aspects of life have unprecedented pressure, the first is the personal image, followed by the achievement in career, then to family life, etc. , only about ten percent of Chinese women said they were satisfied with the current status.
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