XJ Beauty will teach you how to prevent

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
1. Do not take the cleaning often apply face film lasted outflows, the skin cutin layer deposition, in did not immediately face chamfer care, only attaches great importance to apply hydrating mask every day, it's as if without falling between cuticle coated with chemicals to make it smooth temporarily, as a result of many a mickle makes a muckle cutin layer to hypertrophic can not pervious to light, the skin will certainly lose wind colour is more and more dry lack of activity of mania. 2. Application of disposable masks instead of night cream. Suggested that even if you use disposable mask, it is best to wash it clean before bed, use face cream scrub it before you go to sleep. To understand, disposable masks actually irritating skin every day sleep compounds, top, very easy to cause the lack of 'nutrition', long fat granule, and digestion and absorption of moisture, the skin's own repair work ability will be reduced. Therefore should not be daily application, 2 times a week. 3. Blain blain skin also persistent application of disposable mask disposable mask generally is suspected of transparent color or transparent glue, apply to the skin is sensitive and oil soluble. Application of high fat rate proposed dry skin moisturizing hydrating cream hydrating mask. Acne skin optimum surface patch type, because the skin is relatively sensitive, if you want to use disposable mask, proposed twenty minutes later, wash in cold water, in order to prevent the congestion and cause acne again. 4. Blindly following silk mask silk mask shops for application of hydrating mask raw materials and the praise, the product selling point. Little imagine, why like hydrating mask skin care products to become lazy girl quickly to protect skin to taste, completely is to mask its sealing properties. Only when turn off the actual effect is the best yes. Therefore, the legal effect of silk mask is far less than the silk mask. 5. Request timeout apply membrane, never extravagant waste a drop of water essence awareness is very admirable, but it must be in the right area application! If the release of mask is beyond time, will cause the loss of skin moisture, the loss of nutrients. It is wise to follow the signs. When you can't solve the essence of other, offer other position applied it in the human body.
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