XJ Beauty will teach you how to choose sunscreen on hot summer?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Hot summer, prevent bask in segregation is the woman concerned problem, so how to choose sunscreen cosmetics manufacturer OEM is appropriate? Sunscreen to pick 1, middle-late early and rainy day in the summer, with low SPF commodity, SPF for 5 to 8 from top to bottom; Medium level 2, the compressive strength of the sun, the application of SPF to 8 to 15 goods suitable for up and down; 3, and fieldwork, obviously under the direct of the sun in the summer, you should use SPF 15 prevent bask in segregation to protect skin to taste. 4, when swimming and summer sweat, appropriate USES waterproof and sweat-proof goods to prevent bask in segregation. 5, oil-soluble skin should choose strong cleaning foam wash utensils and strong permeability of water soluble prevent bask in segregation appliance; Partial dry skin should choose milk wash a face gear and prevent bask in segregation frost shape appliance; Neutral skin generally no stringent requirements. While moisturizing emulsion of sunscreen suitable all kinds of skin type application. SPF value, that is, prevent bask in segregation index, is calculated: general average white skin can resist the sun 15 minutes without burning, so the application of SPF15 keep out ultraviolet ray appliance, about 225 minutes ( 钟spf15×15分钟) Prevent bask in segregation of time, so what are the implications of SPF ratio of skin to resist uv light time. Appropriate application of sunscreen in addition to carve one's face, the body also, most are very easy to forget the position is behind the neck, shoulders, knees and feet back. Sunscreen as general skin care products, must be a certain time to digestion and absorption by skin. So out of the doorway 10 - The apply sunscreen, 20 minutes and 30 minutes before going to the beach should be blotted out. Apply sunscreen must do specification quantity has the actual effect. General sunscreen on the skin erasion quantity for the 2 mg per cubic centimeter when can be done to prevent bask in segregation effect.
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