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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
As people more and more high to the requirement of cosmetic quality pursue, choose a on cosmetics OEM also appears more and more important. If you want to solve the problem of cosmetics quality and supply of goods, etc, then a powerful cosmetics OEM processing plants showed extraordinarily important. So how to choose a cosmetics OEM enterprise by the spectrum? A, cosmetics factory where to find the Chinese cosmetics factory mainly concentrated in the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, and cosmetics factory in guangdong is the most, has nearly 2000. For example, guangzhou, shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai and other places of cosmetics manufacturers, if the customer at the local, can directly to visit cosmetics factory to understand. And, of course, also can through the Internet to find cosmetics OEM OEM manufacturers. Through the telephone consultation, preliminary talks, can understand processing cosmetics related points and preliminary cost quotation. Second, the field processing equipment field processing equipment, processing environment, and employees. Word online, better than field take a walk, take a look. production of workshop requirements although there is no medicine is so high, but the state to cosmetics production workshop also to have certain requirements, such as air impurity elements, such as exhaust drainage system. Production workshop don't have to be very big, but must complete infrastructure, environment must be clean and staff operation is rigorous, staff dress whether specification. Can see the product to the processing machine type, according to the human and the machine factory production capacity, in case you can't appear in when signing a contract in accordance with the relevant provisions of time of delivery. Three, whether to have an aptitude for cosmetics and processing investigation whether has the qualifications of the manufactory has a business license, the cosmetics production license and related qualification certification, cosmetics generation after completion of production, product trademark registration certificate, the product bar code, sales link have the health inspection report, the quality inspection report, etc. If even the basic documents are not complete, it is not considered completely. Can also look at the factory cooperated brand, manufacturer of ability strong, customers will have a variety of channels. Four, inspecting factory r&d strength factory research and development strength, examining whether manufacturer has its own laboratory, research and development team. If the cosmetics manufacturer does not have its own research and development room and research and development team, to produce products, there is no secure innovative, much less competitive. Only developers with product r&d and innovation ability, can successfully develop new formula, increasing competition in the market. Five, product traceability that can beat the 70% of the country's manufacturers, traceability is vital for the big brands, from product point can be traced back to the production batch code to use when the product each actual delivery date and batch number of raw materials, should also be able to trace back to the product research and development laboratory in OEM factory, and find all the details related to development, including the stability test results and microbial detection data, every factory can do this large erp system is not small, fear most is stalling, and factory product has quality problem, can't trace the product path, finally they kick ball, also is 'don't worry. Six, cosmetics and cosmetics for special processing type is at present, the domestic cosmetics, card processing type includes nine categories: spot, whitening, acne removing, repair, and hair, hair color, hair removal, breast beauty, body building, deodorant, etc. If there is no appearance, need to entrust a cosmetics factory to declare, shortest time period also want to 6 months, and the process is more complex. If you have any certificate, cosmetics manufacturers or the customer's hand can be products production and processing. Seven, peripheral and warehouse the individual to smile, it is just as important, cosmetics manufacturer OEM factory cleanliness, often can indicate that the plant in management degree of words by the time and attention to detail, in most cases, the factory near by the inspector to see things in a factory, and tighten the cover to avoid being found. Production safety 105 norms, the goods into the factory, should be registered and shall be isolated, and policy is completely separated from the production and storage areas, waiting for the quality inspection departments, quality qualified, should be qualified product label, the goods must be put some distance between the shelf and wall, install rodents control devices and regular check, colleagues keep inspection records. Eight field pay attention to these, cosmetics manufacturers see cosmetics factory production environment and the service object, production environment is the guarantee of quality cosmetics generation processing customers is the embodiment of the factory production capacity. 2 see cosmetics production equipment, equipment capacity requirements, and whether can guarantee on time delivery, whether to conform to the hygiene standards. 3 the number of employees and style, all cosmetics OEM production need staff to finish, serious and responsible attitude, employees can effectively guarantee the product quality. Four manufacturers of the soft power of leadership ability, usually people also can't bad where to go. When selecting a manufacturer cooperation, can see the product design manufacturers, storage, delivery, etc. Above XJ is guangzhou Beauty has given you how to choose a cosmetics OEM enterprise on the related content, with the generation of processing cosmetics industry demand is more and more big, the guangzhou XJ Beauty can also give customers solve the problem of production capacity, guangzhou XJ Beauty processing professional cosmetics OEM for twenty years, is a collection of r &d, production and sales as one of professional cosmetics OEM/ODM processing enterprises. Learn more industry market, to choose our factory also has a lot of benefits.
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