XJ Beauty patent: a kind of functional cosmetics additive and its preparation method

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
A functional cosmetics manufacturer additive and its preparation method patent type: invention authorization application number: 2008100281387 release date: 2011 - 12 - 21 the invention discloses a kind of functional cosmetics manufacturer additives, the rhizoma coptidis by 3 ~ 5, radix scutellariae 5 ~ 10 3 ~ 8, rhubarb, cortex phellodendri, 2 ~ 8, thistle, 2. 5 to 7. 5, 2 field thistle. 5 to 7. 5, mountain bean root han fruit 3 ~ 8 ~ 10, wood, water passing indigo naturalis 3 ~ 6 2 ~ 5, borneol, mint 0. 5 ~ 1. 5 after preliminary pieces, mix with water, through high-pressure superfine grinding to micron grade size, and then by membrane filtration. Additive whole prescription is according to the reasonable combination of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, comprehensive treatment for various reasons can cause skin allergy canker symptoms, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory effect is good. At the same time, its preparation process, adopting the advanced superfine grinding and membrane filtration technology, effectively cut off can cause skin cells blocked pore dirt, bacteria and other macromolecular substances into additive, additive in cosmetics manufacturer use would not bet plug the pores, can ensure the skin cells to absorb nutrients, able to breathe normally and will not produce negative effect, anti-allergic effect is good.
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