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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
You know your application of hydrating mask at ordinary times is how to manufacture out of? Some have already been represented authorize a hydrating mask processing customers, manufacturing water hydrating mask is the essence of the alignment and membrane cloth together into aluminum bag inside! Indeed, manufacturing hydrating mask is so simple. Since manufacturing hydrating mask so simple, why people are their own production and manufacturing of hydrating mask is not qualified or get up sales market to sell? Mask production seems simple, actually many special inside or hidden, this key is a hydrating mask manufacturing process problems involved in processing technology and technical specifications. A defined cosmetics, facial mask processing natural environment generation process for the production process is very strict, mask processing as well. With a mask processing the provisions of the guy in the mask processing factory guy into the into the production workshop must replace professional clean clothes, and work to improve the disinfection sterilization requirements, in accordance with the provisions of the production of cosmetics manufacturer for parameter values for can take part in the production practice, the second is to assembly workshop and strict management, mask production must be in accordance with GMP production cosmetics factory production and manufacturing, there is a laminar natural environment by the all GMP standard factory building, laminar points millions, hundreds and thousands, refers to the level of the main parameters is such a natural environment there is how many objects (1 cubic interior space Dust, bacteria spore, etc. ) , the smaller the geometric progression on behalf of the natural environment more clean and tidy, and this kind of specification manufacturing industrial workshop is for approval according to relevant laws and regulations units will be able to. In addition, the requirements of GMP in the production, storage, transportation and other fields often have strict rules. Second, the choice of hydrating mask material is widely used hydrating mask material material fabric, mulberry silk & amp; Tencel and microbial plant fiber, and this hydrating mask material is the key is used for bearing the essence of water, the three three kind of material is the best means of biological fiber mask, plant fiber is the most detailed, and the essence of the bearing without the fabric more than normal, the other can absorb a large number of moisture and keep moisture for a long time. Membrane cloth is decision how much is the essence of the bearing capacity, the effect of the mask, advantages and disadvantages among associated with hydrating mask inside the essence of water function, also have a certain correlation with its bearing capacity. Thus a hydrating mask specifications related to adopt what material of membrane cloth. Hydrating mask bag and small box according to the customer's market positioning and design style design manufacture. Thus, a hydrating mask from manufacture to application is after a series of production process manufacturing. Is to ensure that each production manufacturing process compliance to safety in production to ensure the quality of hydrating mask.
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