XJ Beauty depth interpretation of cosmetics OEM for you

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Now many people are doing cosmetic level of self-employment, but most people know about cosmetics OEM is not. Today, XJ Beauty is combing a lot of cosmetics manufacturer OEM production and processing of the problem, we are looking forward to the entrepreneurial journey for you to show the necessary assistance. A customer, cosmetics OEM production and processing required to produce cosmetics classes of enterprise business license and cosmetics trademark logo, if no enterprise business license or trademark logo, can authorize cosmetics manufacturing enterprises apply for registration or company registration agency, cost around two thousand yuan. Two, the minimum quantity of an order for various cosmetics manufacturing enterprise, this factory scale related, in general, factory scale is larger, the higher the minimum quantity. Business category item, milk, cream, cream, hydrating mask and so on single bottle quality big, so the price is low, higher minimum quantity; And pithy, such as single source fluid, essential oil bottle quality is small, high raw material prices, and minimum volume above the lower. Minimum quantity is also associated with manufactured goods cost, production process, etc. Three, cosmetics OEM price and material cost: processing costs include packing, cans, etc. ; The third party testing costs include monitoring of the goods for the record; In addition there are packaging cost, freight logistics transport cost, etc. ; In which freight logistics transportation cost in general is full of customers, manufacturers do not package transportation logistics costs. Four, cosmetics OEM production and processing production cycle time is after packaging materials to manufacturers, factory monitoring material quality pass within 15 working days after delivery; During packaging general cosmetics manufacturer as to help customers to buy, only 20 - packaging proofing, production and recycling requirements Up and down for 50 days. Guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology co. , LTD. , technology professionals in cosmetics OEM more than ten years, well-known brands services thousands of customers in turn, is all kinds of cosmetics manufacturer startups very good collaboration.
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