XJ Beauty cosmetics processing: expired cosmetics or skincare products what are the negative effect to the skin?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
A few times a year, whether it is the usual shopping or travel abroad, especially in the present hot style series will always cannot help up a lot of cosmetics and skin care products, home quantity are enough don't need to change New Year, when the in the mind have say a satisfaction. Actually, these cosmetics manufacturer in the collection of the most afraid of is long time not to use, to think of it when after a period. Hypothesis put long long cosmetics or skincare products evenly to the face, not only don't care for skin effect, are more likely to decompose face allergy, too. Speaking of which, XJ Beauty cosmetics processing remind chop hand you don't store them according to the store again! May many consumers do not know, every year tens of thousands of people died as a result of expired makeup and our produce dermatitis and acne skin, hair follicles obstruction, the symptom such as skin allergy, on the one hand, destroy the facial beauty, on the other hand also affect your mood. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics factory remind each consumer, protect skin to taste the shelf life of the general market for three years, cosmetics for five years. This three to five years, is refers to the cosmetics manufacturer without opening the product package and guarantee the quality of time, once after use, no matter you are once or twice, the shelf life of products should be recalculated, as the seasons change, some of the products with good quality time much shorter time than we have expected. As you all know, no matter what product packaging will be after opening, use the when so consumer is buying the product or use a product before be sure to make it a habit to check the packaging. Such as some common makeup water, essence, cleanser and other products in kaifeng within four to eight months after finished. Could also the pure natural skin care products is shorter, general shelf life within three months, because of the pure natural skin care products than cosmetics, generally no preservatives, so the products use a shorter time. And articles for daily use kind of shampoo, shower gel, after opening the shelf life of keep in a year or so, so we usually buy shampoo or shower gel as far as possible don't choose a large bottle of, a new better within three months. In our life inevitably happen some conditions, their shelf life has been to the skin care products or cosmetics, if be away would feel very pity. Actually expired creams, and emulsion can be used to maintain some leather, but some have whitening function is still not as good. Expired to do cleaner or cleanser and body wash in the bathroom of deodorant. Expiration of the mask used to clean wooden furniture, have good polishing effect. Speaking of which, in fact the main, or that are in ready to use form and form a rational consumption idea, put an end to waste.
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