XJ Beauty cosmetics processing: do you want to be the attention of cosmetics OEM, you need to prepare these

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
To do cosmetics OEM's attention, you need to prepare these own hand have to scream, cosmetics formula effect is good, but no factories, you are opening a factory felt trouble, but don't want to give up a fortune. As a cosmetics OEM small make up recommend you, of course, is to look for a cosmetics OEM production. The processing for the cosmetics need to prepare what? Small make up collected some information for your reference. Subject matter, to accept the cosmetics manufacturer commissioned production for the record. Second, for the record conditions in line with the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations', 'cosmetic health supervision regulations, implementing rules, the basic requirements of the journal cosmetics production enterprise health standards. Three, to disclose the information 1, the cosmetics production by filing application form 2, to the province, municipal cosmetics supervisory department commissioned production of pre-registration notice shows that has told regulatory documents to the province. ( Entrust both sides in this province is not to provide) 3, the principal and the trustee signed notarized contracts on production and processing and copy of notarial deed, Carry original verification) 。 4, entrusted enterprise and enterprise business license copy ( Carry original verification) ; 5, the trustee cosmetics production enterprise health license and cosmetics production license copy; 6, commissioned in the production of cosmetics for special use, the need to provide copy of cosmetics for special approval documents ( Carry original verification) ; 7, entrust production product formula ( Do not include content, except for restricted substances) 。 8, commissioned in the production of cosmetics label, product manuals, Sample) 。 Label instruction should conform to the requirements of the relevant provisions, shall be marked with both sides of the unit name, address and the trustee of the hygiene license, production license number, production of cosmetics for special use cosmetics to show the special approval number. 9, the principal and the trustee products hygiene safety and quality management system documents; 10, according to all that the applicant submit declaration, they are not the legal representative, shall be submitted to the power of attorney and the notifier id photocopy; 11, food and drug supervision and administration departments that other materials should be provided. Four, need to submit data provided requirements, instructions to apply for items 1, related laws and regulations, norms and standards is the basis of declaration and examination and approval, the applicants and the relevant personnel should be careful reading, know the rights and assume obligations. 2, declare units in fill in the name of the entity, shall use the name ratified by the administrative department for industry and commerce in accordance with the full name; Product name should be consistent with 'naming rules health related products, products in the Chinese and English name) filings, declare the name of the before and after. 3, all the filing must print, all should use A4 size paper to print, suggested that the Chinese use imitation song dynasty style typeface 4 words, use 12 words in English, in order of directory and build official seal page after a binder, submit a copy of the original data, a copy should be identical with the original. 4, provided to computer printing of this form, fill in the content should be complete, clear, shall not be altered, please indicate 'no' without that matters, not empty; Use the applicant from hebei province food and drug administration website to download application form fill. 5, declare data complete shall be consistent in the same project shall not be inconsistent. Declare unit name should be consistent with its official seal. If you are interested in the above guangzhou cosmetics OEM generation of processing or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call: 13602489362 xj Beauty cosmetics processing service for you.
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