XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM: organic cosmetics 'and' natural 'cosmetics have why to distinguish?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16
Many people confuse 'organic' and 'natural', particularly in the field of cosmetics. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory experts remind that the two are not equal. Difference between natural and organic cosmetics cosmetics is not can use simple sentence to delimit equal-sign, because the word 'natural' has many different meanings, and 'organic' is more standard. Organic cosmetics is need to pass related organizations, formulation from raw material to the production operation condition for strictly audit, after a series of certification, the product can claim for the organic cosmetics manufacturer, and organic certification audit requirements are more demanding than normal to protect skin to taste. In a cosmetic or personal care products are regarded as 'natural', if there is no the information provided by the cosmetics manufacturer, the consumer is difficult to determine the difference between cosmetics, which is called 'organic' products contain ingredients must be certified organic farms or plantation growth and guarantee TianRanXing component source. In fact, there are so many is between natural and organic cosmetics, they contain, from artificial sources of organic and inorganic components. Organic cosmetics containing ingredients must be under the environment of organic growth. Organic certification standards although differ, but organic composition is the same planting methods are usually used, which can not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and other chemicals. In some cases, the cosmetics and personal care products may contain both organic and inorganic components. A lot of people because of concerns about farming way impact on the environment and choosing organic products. companies in most countries don't need natural ingredients to provide evidence for the products. However, organic cosmetics must be organic certification of organic certification bodies. Guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics OEM experts warn broad customer, choose to buy organic cosmetics much depends on the individual, such as there is a higher demand for cosmetics, skin care for a long time, have fear of general protect skin to taste stimulus hurt skin, mostly choose organic cosmetics. Organic cosmetics are not like medicine, but the water out, use after a period of time, the skin will get better, and after stop, also won't rebound.
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