XJ Beauty cosmetics generation processing: how to check the quality of cosmetics?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
Makeup is now commonplace, skin care, of course, is also a must. But when you use the cosmetics again, have you ever wondered whether the skin care products and cosmetics manufacturer products will hurt your skin? generation processing below small make up to introduce you to a few simple and easy test method, can test the makeup at home care product features, early with the poor effect and harm to the skin cosmetics 'shanzhai' say bye bye! 1: water emulsion will good absorption of water emulsion mung bean size into the water, usually oil-in-water type will float on the surface of the water, and stir slightly will slowly dissolve into a milky white. On the contrary, most is wrapped type emulsion or cream will sink under the water, and not easy to dissolve in the water. In a nutshell, the oil-in-water type is absorbed more easily and more relaxed, water-in-oil type is not absorbed. How to check the quality of cosmetics 2: cleanser is good ( 1) , have a light faint scent, crowded in your hands should be water melts, no greasy feeling; ( 2) , burn, put cleanser in the inside scoop, burn, if oil splashing, is not a good cleanser, if more burn more like milk, that is a good cleanser; ( 3) With PH test paper to try to know, directly put it into the paper you will know. 3: your toner is gentle enough, please drop some water on the test paper, if the PH value is less than 7, the test paper is reddish acid; More than 7 and blue is alkaline. If measured close to neutral or close to the skin ph PH5 PH7. 5, on behalf of your lotion is very mild will not stimulate the skin. But if you want to your lotion with functions of convergence or chamfer, PH 4 - 5 is the most ideal. 【 OEM 】
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