XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: why do skin care products to buy whole set?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Now, many people don't understand why just a seemingly simple skin care work, women spend so much time here. Actually, there was a very profound meaning behind it, not everyone understand. To protect skin to taste, be sure to complete. Why does it have to be like this? First of all, let's take a look at what a set of skin care products are: water, oil, milk, cream, sunscreen, foundation of different kinds, do we really have to use all? The answer is necessary. Because the skin into the epidermis layer ( Epidermis layer and subdivided into 5) And the dermis, the specific situation, XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer factory under the simple introduction for you: to eat each layer is different: 'horny layer' eat cream, frost-free will fly up scurfy, dry lines. 'Transparent layer' draft, will die without water, make the skin without luster and water retention. 'Particle layer' eat milk, lack of will make sensitive skin. 'Base layer' in essence, a lack of will affect new cells to produce, make the melanin cells into spots easily. 'True cortex eat top elite class. Molecular particles to almost to nanoscale, have close skin easily absorbed by skin. If the lack of skin can relaxation forming wrinkles. 'Sun' prevent ultraviolet ray, the harmful material. 'Foundation' has a very good decorate color of skin and dust, but also to the skin is wearing a coat. Do you know why skin care products to buy complete set now? Know after, you should take action! As long as you're not a lazy woman, you will become a beautiful woman, a woman must first love yourself, just someone love you oh!
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