XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: what is the role?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
has always been a little fairies beloved, XJ today Beauty cosmetics factory small make up to explain the introduction of cosmetics and function. Fight decline principle of anti-aging effect of active material include: clean up at base; Progress in cell proliferation rate; Slow speed of the degradation of extracellular matrix, and thus anti-aging cosmetic requirements choose excellent skin care agent, compensatory and enough nutrition for skin, deep to nutrients. At the same time, to slow the loss of moisture in the skin, maintain skin. Efficiently prevent bask in, the sunlight is an important reason of slow skin aging. And thus prevent insolation, uv irradiation is indispensable for anti-aging cosmetic products. Deep moisturizing: although get the elements there are a lot of skin aging, but how many of the skin moisture content, is to keep the skin soft and elastic, avoid secondary factors of aging. Are activated to restrain activity of protein drunk, add protein decomposition: the skin is composed of collagen, elastin, the skin shape depends on the loss of protein and the skin cells to break down protein. Elastin degradation, and degradation after the degeneration, can lead to change the skin appear to be aging, such as flexibility, relaxation, wrinkles symptoms. So delay the degradation of elastin speed is also one of anti-aging cosmetics design criterion. Can be seen from the mechanism of skin aging, skin aging and oxidation in the body function weaken, comfortable more relevant. Thus eliminate free base has become the research hotspot of anti-aging cosmetic. Ageing effect on anti-aging effect of Chinese herbal medicine, put forward the mechanism of action of several minor superstition home. 1, delay the ageing of the cells in the ginseng extract can extension of cell life, including human skin fibroblasts. 2, eliminate free base can promote SOD and GSH - PX enzyme decomposition, thereby increasing lipid peroxidation. In addition, Dan phenolic acids containing salvia miltiorrhiza acid b and C actives, be at ease of invalid strengthening agent, at the same time also can inhibit lipid peroxidation and platelet aggregation. 3, repair collagen collagen is the most lucrative human protein, accounting for 25% of total protein, is an important local real leather, it is a kind of soluble protein and secondary exists in areas such as the skin, teeth, bones and tendons. As the growth of the age, the collagen in response to physical stress will decline gradually, because of hydroxyproline, are among the most important skin collagen and fluctuation of amino acids, its absolute content can directly reflect in the skin collagen content, reflects the real leather aging level at the same time. 4, immune regulate skin epidermis locally as a natural defense against antigen invasion, the outermost layers of the epidermis is corneous layer, the above is lipid double. As the growth of the age, many immune function of echo will decline. When is abnormal immune bits and pieces, will have a negative influence on the formation of collagen and elastin, delay the healing of the wound. March the role of color | cosmetics manufacturer 5, promote skin microcirculation of skin microcirculation helps to efficiently provide nutrients for the skin material, support the cell metabolism, and regulate body temperature, the skin care is very important and postpone skin aging.
The use and installation of cosmetic design is compared with most other systems for managing the eyeshadow manufacturer effectively and no doubt cosmetic design have won the race so many times.
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