XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: use cosmetics containing hormone what side effects to the skin?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
With the improvement of living standards, rich people in your inner also pay more and more attention to their appearance at the same time, so the cosmetics have become daily essentials. But there are many different kinds of cosmetics manufacturer on the market, quality is uneven, ingredient formula can not open again, because a lot of people not to understand the cosmetics hormone ingredient had eventually hormone-dependent dermatitis. In order to make long-term repeated use improper skin care cosmetics manufacturer friends can timely, avoid the happening of hormone-dependent dermatitis below and XJ Beauty cosmetics factory together take a look at the cosmetics manufacturer's what are the side effects. 1, cosmetics containing hormone will lead you to become dependent on this product. That is to say, maybe you were with the feeling is very good, but when you want to change the brand will react on the face, for example you will the new change of cosmetics allergy, simply means you can only use the cosmetics containing hormones. 2, when cosmetics containing sugar cortical hormone, start application can make skin tender and elastic. But often use can make skin thin brittle, glucocorticoid absorbed through the skin into the body at the same time, a long time will cause many adverse reactions, such as the full moon face, edema, acne, hairy, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia, diabetes, osteoporosis, may also induce or aggravate some diseases and make fetal birth defects and so on. Now the country's more strict with cosmetic ingredients, is absolutely not allowed to contain sugar cortical hormone. 3, often use cosmetics with hormone, can lead to a 'beauty' hormone syndrome, can appear even severe skin reaction. Patients with skin allergy symptoms after use, early symptoms eased, delicate skin, but after a period of time, allergy symptoms will attack again. Long-term use of cosmetics contain hormone can lead to blood capillary expansion, contraction, appear even hairy, dermatitis and other symptoms. At the same time, hormone use may cause hormone level changes in the human body, cause the symptom such as endocrine disorder. 'Quick fix' became a lot of skin care products to attract consumers one's speciality, but available to protect skin to taste is often also may contain hormone ingredient. So, if some kind of skin care products use soon results quickly and must be vigilant. 4, long-term use of cosmetics containing hormones can damage of facial skin forming into a large, mainly has the following several aspects: one is the facial skin sensitive to increase, resistance to decline. Glucocorticoid is an immunosuppressant, use for a long time, can make the Reynolds normal physiological metabolism of skin, balance disorders, make the skin sensitivity, resistance to drop, easy to produce allergic and infection. Second, make facial skin's cutin layer thinning, vascular reactivity enhancement, expand capillaries, produce red blood silk. Three is to make facial hair follicles enlargement, pore, surface increased coarsen and long black; Four is hormone-dependent dermatitis, long after this kind of cosmetics, 3 - if the substance is discontinued 5 days, facial skin appears erythema, papules, desquamation, drying, SAO is urticant wait for a symptom, if this kind of cosmetics, the symptoms will be in 1 - 2 days. Contain hormones bring harm to people have a lot of cosmetics, so must be careful when choosing cosmetics, not to be blinded by a temporary effect of the eyes.
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