XJ Beauty cosmetics factory: cosmetics health problem you know?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-30
Makeup is a trouble thing, if you think about is simple, it just doesn't make up for good. In life there are still a lot of female friends make up when they have some bad habits, these bad habits may cause a serious security problems, XJ to enumerate the Beauty cosmetics plant. Don't wash their hands after using the toilet to wash your hands before makeup, cosmetics manufacturer direct contact with the skin, should wash hands before makeup. Many women are now playing mobile phone while makeup, I don't know how many bacteria on the phone, in your makeup to the skin and cosmetics. Also, after the makeup, must be timely covering over the product to avoid contact with the air for a long time. Makeup tools don't wash how many women are a set of makeup tools used to throw, never washed. Makeup tools collecting bacterial easily, because of facial oil and makeup residue, bacteria to multiply. So, be sure to regularly to wash makeup tools, it is best to use special detergent or neutral soap, after washing with a paper towel or make up cotton blot, then flat in ventilated place. Take make-up bag into the bathroom toilet how dirty, as you know, but it happened that women will put makeup makeup bag into the toilet. If you really need to repair a makeup, toilet must be prepared to small amount of separate packing, spread paper towels on the counters, avoid cosmetics manufacturer and counters are cut off. Cold use lipstick bacteria easily attached on the surface of the paste that lipstick, cold when the body's immune system is relatively weak, this time is extremely vulnerable to bacterial infections. Avoid lipstick when cold, if it is must be used, so must use disinfectant wipes to lipstick before use surface to wipe clean; Use should also be sterilized after work, don't let the cold virus residue on the lipstick, lead to more bacterial growth.
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