XJ Beauty cosmetics co-packer: anise processing of cosmetics have you worked on?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-31
Anise also grow in cosmetics manufacturer? Do you know? Let guangzhou XJ Beauty cosmetics manufacturer co-packer to tell you what's going on? Eight pod for famous flavor spices, also for medicinal. Peel, seeds, leaves containing aromatic oil, cosmetics manufacturer, sweet sweet wine, beer, and the important raw materials in food industry. Anise fruit can be directly used in daily flavor, such as, boil stew, pickled, halogen, bubble, etc. , can be directly processed into spicy seasoning powder. Hui oil and star anise oil resin is usually used in meat products, spices, soft drinks, cold drinks, candy and cakes, baked goods, and other areas of the food processing industry. Star anise oil resin and other spices (oil resin, the consumption of market increases year by year, and has a tendency to gradually take the place of spices raw materials. Eight pod with jianwei, flooding wind, analgesia, regulating qi, expelling dampness, maldigestion and neurasthenia and other functions. With the constant improvement of the new drug development level, expanding its purpose, with anise as raw material to extract shikimic acid synthetic anticancer drugs and preparing anti influenza a or b influenza drugs. Anise fruit contains shikimic acid 8% 13%, is currently the best natural plant raw materials, in addition to the poison of star anise ( The headstrong seed) Content is higher than it, up to now have not found to have potential value scale production plant.
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