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by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-18
Women's essential cosmetics identification knowledge there are many types of cosmetics on the market, and the effect components are also uneven, so how to distinguish the quality of these cosmetics? Most MM are not sure, so let's take a look at the identification method shared by xj beauty. 1, cleansing milk, there is a touch of fragrance, extrusion should be water melt, no greasy feeling, use fire, put the facial cleanser into the spoon, if the splash oil is not a good facial cleanser, if you burn more like milk, it means it is a good facial cleanser. 2, lotion, after the hard shake, look at the bubble, the bubble is less, the nutrients are less; The bubble is large and large, indicating that it contains salicylic acid, salicylic acid has a good cleansing effect, but it is irritating and allergic; The bubbles are very thin and disappear quickly, indicating that there is alcohol, which is not suitable for long-term use. It is easy to damage the skin's protective film. The bubbles are delicate and rich with a thick layer, and it is a good lotion for a long time, the good quality lotion is non-alcoholic. The quality of the lotion is cool when used. It smells a bit alcoholic. Usually the lotion has color. If the storage location is improper, often exposed to sunlight or stored for too long, the color will fade, it is best not to buy toner bottles are not transparent, can not be identified. 3, emulsion, good product ingredients are pure, do not need strong spices to suppress the odor of the product, if the emulsion is poured into the water, floating on the water to prove that it contains oilstone ester (Cosmetics are not recommended); Shake the water to become milky white, prove that it contains emulsifier, such cosmetics are not good, if the emulsion sinks to the bottom in the water, it proves that it does not contain oilstone Ester, oilstone Ester will hurt the skin, causing dry skin and lack of water, is also the main reason for clogging pores, the pores will become bigger and bigger after a long time. 4, cream, put a little in the ordinary spoon with fire, after burning, if there is black residue to prove that it is a variety of additives, the more residue, the more additives, the standard cream will be like the state of milk boiling, the taste will not change and it will be more intense. If there is splashing, smoke, smell, nose, and oil at the bottom of the spoon after burning, it means that the mineral oil exceeds the standard or is filled with boride. Many moisturizing products are made of mineral oil. Apply the product on the paper and wipe off the excess after a while. If the moisturizing paper will wrinkle, if it is made of mineral oil, it will be found to be transparent, you can also squeeze the product on an iron spoon, then heat it with fire. If it contains mineral oil, the oil will come out. When the cream is canned, if the surface of the finished product with good filling technology and fine texture will show a uniform and smooth shape, there will be no large and small holes. 5, essence, when you buy essence, you must pay attention to observe the color and shape, if you find turbidity, precipitation, discoloration, etc. , such essence can no longer be used, consumers who are prone to skin infection such as oiliness and acne must be careful when purchasing essence, and choose essence with anti-inflammatory and sterilization to purchase. 6, foundation, take a proper amount into the water to observe its reaction, usually there are three kinds of situations, stick to the edge of the cup, float on the water, sink on the bottom of the cup, indicating the ingredients contained, good products do not stick to the edge of the Cup, do not float, do not sink the bottom of the cup, stick to the edge of the Cup is the zoo, floating on the water is mineral oil, sinking at the bottom of the cup is heavy metal.
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