Without added into mainstream consumer cosmetics, without adding cosmetics co-packer have those?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-25
Many consumers in the process of looking for cosmetics, will subconsciously seek no chemical ingredients of cosmetics. Then the processing can be achieved without adding cosmetics manufacturer cosmetics factory have those?

international health since 1990 since the implementation of the 'cosmetic health supervision regulations', has banned add chemicals more than 1200 species, the concept of 'without adding' from the original no added chemicals extends to not add any harmful substances to the skin. At the same time, consumer demand for without adding cosmetics manufacturer are also growing. No doubt, without adding cosmetics have become the main trend of China and the world a big cosmetics market.

China without adding amplifier is

counting without adding technology within the cosmetics industry, mainly in the form of high temperature sterilization and antisepsis of alternative technology is given priority to, to some extent, the existing the two technologies can solve chemicals added in cosmetics from the source of the problem. How to do it without adding in the true sense? XJ Beauty can do it, we have the independent institute, more than 20 years of cosmetics.

local brand new opportunities

U. S. aircraft carrier is global, if use aircraft carrier and the United States against China is a thankless job, rather than from another dimension to build a new weapon to control aircraft carrier. The same is true in the Chinese cosmetics enterprises, 'Europe and the United States cosmetics brand has rich experience in chemical applications and long history, Chinese brand doesn't have to go in the field and they compete. But local brands have absolutely and foreign brand competition of capital. '

such as: China's cosmetics enterprise actually has its unique advantage - — Chinese herbal medicine. Safety and efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine has been confirmed by the Chinese people for thousands of years of history, in June 2015, the latest version of the catalog of already use cosmetics raw material name, can be used in the Chinese market of 8783 kinds of cosmetics raw materials there are 2499 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine raw materials. To the attention of the Chinese herbal medicine composition visible Chinese cosmetics industry. From the raw material on the richness, Chinese brands have congenital advantage.

XJ Beauty can be achieved without adding the processing cosmetics, we're just going to two cosmetics factory in guangzhou, and their research institute also contains Chinese herbal medicine research institute, to be able to better help brands, to provide you need to protect skin to taste.

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