With OEM/ODM: product market? Consumers how much

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-16

is prevented bask in a product market? Quite a few brands do is prevented bask in a product, manufacturers are want to know? Look at people to use the frequency of the sunscreen!

1。 Sunscreen to protect skin to taste a day with many times

a lot of people think before put on the skin once a day is prevented bask in tasting is enough, besides work or don't have time to makeup in the travel. In fact, this particular case is particular treatment. If the weather is hot to sweat, sweat will sunscreen away on the surface of the skin, rub sunscreen is definitely not once and for all. Every two to three hours, on the other hand, should the sunscreen, the method is: use 5 TSP is equivalent to 100 grams of sunscreen smear evenly on the body and face, but it is important to note that in the shade the same as the dose should be used in the sun.

2 sunscreens do not recycle

if you then use sunscreen unused last summer, so is not prevent bask in. To remember, sunscreen must use new products this year! Why is that? Because the sunscreen contains sunscreen after a year, these ingredients will deteriorate, thereby losing its prevent bask in effect. That are marked as many skincare products open after 12 months or six months with the warning, sunscreen after open, after a year of put on hold, or directly to throw away.

is prevented bask in OEM/ODM: sun protection products market? Consumers how much bad, besmear bask in crowd range

1. Has difficulty in tan people need sunscreen

'I don't how sun all black! So I don't need sunscreen. '

it is not easy to skin tanned 'white beauty' more should be done well is prevented bask in! Because the natural color of skin fair-skinneds in vain, 'beauty' white skin in naturally less amount of melanin in nature, that is used to resist the 'evil' uv shield is relatively less. Although temporarily bask in not black, but in the long run are cumulative uv damage is not to 'black beauty'. In future so that the chance of dark spots, wrinkles, skin cancer but is larger than the 'black beauty' on many times!

2。 The elderly will prevent bask in

when many elderly people to go out with some common skin care products, never use prevent bask in article. They think the sunscreen is a young man. Elderly, in fact, less water, less skin due to water loss and skin gland secretion and dry, with thin skin, skin atrophy, the protection ability is poor, so under ultraviolet light, are more likely to result in increased age spots, even can cause skin problems, etc. So the elderly will also attaches great importance to prevent bask in.

3。 Have a tan will prevent bask in

some people think that work under the sun every day, and tanned skin don't need sunscreen. In fact, tanned skin is more need to prevent bask in, because the skin suntan also take uva damage. Skin thickening and the generation of melanin is a sign of skin to protect themselves, but only partially melanin absorption of uvb, did not prevent the absorption of uva function. So, in between the sun and the skin to create a separation barrier is indispensable.

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