Winter skin SAO is urticant how to do skin urticant should pay attention to the 6 o 'clock

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Itchy skin reason when the weather gets cold in winter, the air is dry, skin lacks water, become dull, skin thin, crisp, finely wrinkles, dry skin surface easy to generate small scurfy, easily clogged pores, cause pore discharge of unobstructed, serious can the skin many tiny bumps. Skin moisturizing ability is insufficient, too dry, the skin is dry desquamation nerve stimulates the itch sensation, produce the itchy feeling. Winter skin itching should pay attention to keep the skin clean first is to keep your skin clean, do not advocate small make up take a bath every day, because too much to take a shower to protect the skin cutin layer and grease, lead to missing the skin's natural protection and moisturizing function, it would be easier to dry and itchy. So when the weather is cold in winter, generally suggest 2 - a week Three bath is better. But if have to exercise at ordinary times, or did a lot of physical labor, sweat, or outdoor activities, and made a lot of dust, clean the skin so you must take a shower. Winter should pay attention to the bathwater can't be too hot because the weather was cold, so a lot of people take a shower to bath water to more than 40, is even higher, however use too hot water to rinse the skin, but easy to hurt skin, affect the basic metabolism of skin, can only aggravate the symptoms of dry skin itching. And believe everyone has found, with very hot water shower, originally not to itch, also can be a bit urticant, this is because hot water damage to the skin, make skin itch. So the bathwater is a little higher than their body temperature, don't feel cold. Bathing in winter can't often use bath dew accustomed bath dew fragrance after the shower and clean, if suddenly can't use bath shower gel, most people will feel whole body uncomfortable, washed with didn't take a shower, but note that the shower gel itself is a chemical product, its body skin damage is visible to us, it will lead to more oil on the skin is neutral or wash off, dry and itchy skin, it is required the protection of these oils. Winter underclothes preferred cotton cotton clothes are expensive, but it is soft and breathable, to protect the skin effect is very good, is also the most comfortable. Is to pay attention to when buying clothes, pay attention to the clothing material, don't be fooled. 1 if winter itchy skin should pay attention to diet. For dry skin, it is because of less oil secretion, skin is easy to dry, so appropriate complement more food containing fat rich is better, the so-called lack what fill what. Food containing fat rich a lot, such as peanut, sesame, fat, fatty pork, sausage, stone fruit, cake, etc are high fat food. But also should pay attention to, but don't eat too much, the winter and less exercise, eat at a draught paints a big fat is bad. 2. Try to eat less acrimony excitant food, in order to avoid stimulation to the skin, such as the long blain blain, eat less spicy it will be good to the skin. 3. Want to get into the habit of often drink water, don't wait until thirsty to remember to drink water. Also want to add more vegetables and fruits, as far as possible is very important to dry skin water supplement. Winter should pay attention to guarantee enough sleep women all know, a good night's sleep helps skin maintenance. Often stay up late, usually grow blain blain on the face, and yellowish skin, the skin also not good-looking. And whether animals hibernate is to keep warm, human beings should be a good night's sleep in the winter, a good night's sleep can nourish our skin, it won't be so dry that SAO is urticant bear hard.
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