Winter moisture preferred cream, of course

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-14
These days, the temperature drop, the temperature of 0 under estimate everybody used to it, then, as the weather cold, this is very dry air, we use the heating. As a result, the skin more dry, water alone has been unable to save the dry skin. So, moisture is on the first place! 。 Although no need to get sunburn, skin dryness and became a major problem. Tight seems not directly impact the dry skin, in fact it is a important source of long blain, aging. Dry so serious, the girl to with what method to keep their Beauty, today I door professional cosmetics OEM cosmetics manufacturer XJ Beauty to share some related with blow to do a good job of winter wet method: due to less moisture in the air in winter, doors and Windows sealed air does not flow phenomenon is more serious, skin moisture where you come from, you need to protect skin to taste more efficient hydrating. Almost all of the products have hydrating a efficacy, but why effects vary from person to person for such a big difference. This is mainly for two reasons, one is cutin is too thick to absorb, the other is a grease can not save enough. Outermost layer of skin often suffer, moisturizing the skin cutin thick also dare not easily, oily breakouts and dry card lines exist at the same time, this will require a face cream for improved. So, faced with a lot of cosmetics manufacturer OEM cosmetics manufacturer of high quality, we should choose a few? The processing cosmetics manufacturer manufacturers XJ Beauty that winter moisturizing, cream is preferred. Cream is the only thick texture, high oil skin care products. But it is not to the closeness of vaseline, gentle touch, not only it has a lot of water. The function of the cream itself is not the cutin, so regularly use discharge makeup water clear how thick cutin. The role of face cream can be locked previously added moisture in skin aspirant governor time absorption. If the lack of this step is disqualified, before nutrition to stay on the surface, cannot provide long-lasting hydrating will soon disappear. Use need a massage cream to no obvious sticky feeling, and sleep mask is not the same. Quality of a material is not enough can add two drops of essential oil lubrication. Essential oil substrate close skin, not dimensional utility stuffy acne, used alone slightly greasy, but and creams mixed use feeling will be much better. The use of the cream from the autumn is very appropriate. Autumn is time for skin update is slower, less cream mild stimulation, can also do winter maintenance in advance, to remain in a state of water embellish skin, let the girl's beauty resurgent.
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