Winter has good skin you have to know

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
The winter dry season, the girls the most miserable is tight, dry skin, normal skin care is to blame for many of the occurrence of these phenomena caused by carelessness. Winter maintenance skin a lot of matters need to pay attention to, know so winter skin care considerations can have good skin. A, winter skin care considerations: shower many girls in the winter will be very dry skin, perhaps in the arm or leg, there will be more or less on the skin desquamate phenomenon, these are due to the winter shower bath is too hot, too many times to take a bath, shower forcibly knead and using alkaline soap or shower gel, these can lead to loss of skin surface the sebum, making the skin becomes dry, so there will be the phenomenon such as the skin is dry, itchy skin. The number of the correct approach: to take a bath in winter shoulds not be too frequently, it is advisable to every 2 ~ 3 times. After taking shower, can rub on the skin moisturizing products such as body lotion or glycerine, so that we can keep the skin moist not dry, prevent skin dry, itchy skin. Winter skin care considerations: warm winter temperature is very low, often exposed skin is vulnerable to the cold air outside are damaged, or taken away by the cold air moisture in the skin, causing dry skin problems such as the winter, and the most easy to appear this kind of circumstance of parts as follows: the hands, face, neck, etc. The correct approach: in the winter must will often bare skin wrapped outside, when it is cold in the winter to wear a scarf, gloves, earmuffs, etc. In the winter, don't wear wet clothes or shoes and socks. Three, winter skin care considerations: refuse inferior to protect skin to taste now bought a lot of, many will act as purchasing agency because want to increase their own interests and sell a lot of bad products, and many girls in order to lower prices and buy the products of this type, so as to harm the skin. This is because the bad products of this type because of factors such as the heavy impurity or lead, so can make the phenomenon such as skin aging in advance or pigmentation. While some inferior products because it contains spices, easy to make skin allergy use girl in after use skin care products easy to appear the phenomenon of skin allergy. The correct approach: in their own can not be sure to protect skin to taste under the condition of authenticity, the girls go to the shop to buy protect skin to taste is the best choice, or choose friends abroad back, so as to guarantee your skin to protect skin to taste belongs to really protect skin to taste. Four, winter skin care considerations: after moist model on the other hand many girls in the winter, or continue to use before the summer or autumn did not use protect skin to taste, but use common summer on the other hand, model and the model of the other can't keep up with the needs of the skin in the winter, this also is many girls use protect skin to taste is still the cause of dry skin in winter. The correct approach: moist model should be used in winter moisture on the other hand, because the moist model on the other hand contains glycerin type material, can be moisturizing facial skin for a long time, thus avoiding the face, the phenomenon of the skin is dry. Five, the winter skin care precautions: cold water washs a face on a cold winter, many girls like to use overheated water washs a face, but wait until after the outdoor, skin will feel unusually cold, the skin's ability to cold enough, the skin will be cold air quickly take away the moisture in the skin, so there will be a dry skin cracking phenomenon. The correct approach: although in the cold winter also want to learn to wash a face with cold water, exercise the skin's ability to adapt, to adapt the skin to the cold environment. If the girls can't stand, can be after washing a face with cold water first, and then wash a face with warm water may be used. Six, winter skin care precautions: water content more fruits during the winter, because many girls do not want to understand and to reduce the amount of water, and even do not love to eat the fruit of high water content, the winter a lot of people will drink water because mouth to dry, but when we feel dry mouth to drink fluids, represents the internal body already very water shortage, water content at this time to drink water or eat more fruit is difficult to improve the present situation of the dry skin. The correct approach: in the winter can drink plenty of water, water content in peacetime also can eat some more vegetables and fruits, such as pear, kiwi fruit and so on. Winter to drink at least six glasses of water a day, get into the habit of drink a little, not a one-time drink too much water, so as to continuously give skin complement moisture. Seven, winter skin care considerations: on a regular basis to do facial mask in the winter many girls will only focus on their facial skin whitening, and ignores the slant facial ministry skin dry, so think of whitening, whitening effect thereby not up to also make the skin becomes dry. The right approach: on a regular basis to make facial hydrating mask, if the skin on the face has emerged the phenomenon of dry skin, apply hydrating mask 7 days in a row, to relieve dry skin phenomenon, every two days to apply a hydrating mask, so that you can make the skin in the dry winter is water embellish.
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