Wild ringing alarm to hydrate the skin, when filling water is the best?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-01
Hydrate is the important content of the skin in the winter, but is not to say that fill the water skin was quit, have certain time. Actually, when is the best time to filling water? There are several best time filling water. Hydrating time 1: at the computer for a long time after a day in the busy after work for a period of time, people appear fatigue, skin will become dark, greasy. Hydrating method: face computer for long, can lead to loss of skin moisture, water oil balance. So at this time to take time to pick up the skin: with oil absorption pressure go T area oil first, then spray a layer of 20 cm from facial moisturizing spray, in the form of the piano gently click, again with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture, makeup face unscathed, skin feels more pure and fresh water embellish, is so simple! Hydrating time 2: before coming off work to stay in the air conditioning room long, the air conditioning is wetted machine, blowing wind freshened, the metabolism of skin also may slow down due to temperature drop and lead to lock water ability becomes poor, and the moisture of skin will accelerate evaporate in the dry air. You don't hydrate, you wait for the wrinkle up my face! Hydrating method: on the computer all day, then you must makeup is spent, not face gaunt. But at this time to go out, can't image no matter ah, hurriedly out of the air cushion BB cream, dry areas on the face makeup dab a few, radiant immediately. Air cushion frost is not as dry as dust cake, makeup and hydrating, kill two birds with one stone. Hydrating time 3: after the overtime now too many young people stay up late, some of them are working, some are chasing. Whatever the reason, at this moment is the most need of filling water, or the next day can not see your skin. Hydrating method: after staying up late is one of the most obvious eyes, so at this time to restore the eye look, light use eye cream can not meet the effect, can consider to use a little eye mask, coated with a layer of eye before apply eye mask essence, afterwards, you can still a twinkle in her eyes. Hydrating timing 4: before going to bed before sleeping is the best time to hydrate skin care, no matter you are going to bed early or late, all must be done before you go to bed and maintenance, because the night is the prime time repair skin metabolism, need a lot of water to cooperate, temperatures at night, if you don't have enough water, so the second day wake up skin with thirst. Hydrating method: mentioned maintenance at night, a lot of people will recommend a sleep mask, but feeling is not so good sleep mask is used, gooey greasy, get on the pillow, quilt have enough to worry about. Editing countermeasure is, must use late frost, be sure to use late frost, be sure to use late frost, and don't be stingy, with more and more massage for a while, let every inch of skin moist. Then I can rest assured sleep, the second day up steep water embellish skin. Hydrating time 5: get up an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, after the morning moisturizing, skin dry environment can resist all day. Sleepy to wake up, the most important thing is to wake up skin, let it darling 'breakfast'. When hydrating method: cleansing in the morning, but gently massage the face, let the night residual sebum all disappear. The next must use make up water, had better choose fresh texture good water absorbency. Let the make up cotton absorb water, gently pat face, focus, pat pat, here want to cooperate with certain flap technique, promote the make up water absorption, let skin vigor is full.
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