Why the skin allergy, face why are there red blood silk?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-23
About sensitive muscle, you must have many questions, why a little face is always red, itchy, a lot of red blood silk, and some people face NenNen in vain? Why a little man's face a seasons or in cosmetics manufacturer, red a knot in one's face is allergic, and some people never allergy? Sooth skin secret is also a person, why difference so big? There is only one answer: the difference between sensitive skin and sooth skin. Facial ministry skin often allergic, have red blood silk, red itch, in the final analysis is a type of skin problem. Protect skin to taste with a pile, face was still red itch, red blood silk. Believe you also have such experience, tramal moderate to protect skin to taste with a lot of, but will allergy, there will be red blood silk, the skin is still vulnerable. Sooth skin, refers to the person's skin in intact state, long-term water oil balance of cuticle, exquisite and strong, can be a very good against all the stimulation of outside environment. Such skin, white and delicate, the external environment can't harm the skin, regardless of seasons, the weather changes, replace all reasons such as skin care product will not cause allergies. If you want to achieve 'sooth skin', will be long, uninterrupted give skin complement antioxidants, let the muscle layer gradually restored, remove the internal free radicals of skin, then the external strength, establish, strength, corneous layer of the skin, make skin anti-allergic skin. Why allergic our skin structure consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, the outside is the epidermis layer, is our main show appearance of skin. Cuticular layer and layer, granular layer and base layer, etc. , to protect skin to taste of main function area is our cuticle, corneous layer because of its powerful protection function, referred to as the protective barrier of skin, a healthy skin protective barrier, exquisite and strong water oil balance, is the best state of the skin. Face allergic to pay attention to, don't think a good allergy do not have a thing, sensitive skin is a state of sub-health skin, one by external stimuli, can repeatedly allergy, appear red, red a knot in one's, red blood silk, and at the same time the skin feel tingling, burning, if your face was red, hot, pain, you are allergic to the skin, don't wait to pay attention to when serious enough to affect beautiful.
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