Why the face in the winter will be very red blush and solutions need to know

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-17
Blushing is some troubles in winter, in medicine, winter face hair perm red this phenomenon called 'facial flush. Blush often occur in winter because the winter indoor and outdoor temperature is low, the temperature of the sudden change will cause shrinkage capillary force attenuation or blowout, which makes face red. Another cause of blush a lot, however, to understand together. A, why winter face will be red and big temperature difference between indoor and outdoor led to blush winter indoor and outdoor temperature difference is bigger, the temperature of the sudden will cause shrinkage capillary force attenuation or blowout, thus will face red. From the open central heating in the winter and to the indoor air conditioning room, hot and cold, microvascular loss of elasticity in the repeated contraction and expansion, reflected in the cheeks and nose, and makes the cheeks red, individuals will be accompanied by tingling. Second, how to ease the difference in temperature big blush advice to avoid face was caused by a sharp temperature change. Qiu dong is prone to blush with shame, more attention should be paid to protect wet and warm. To keep warm, can take out face mask for facial prevent redness. Sensitive skin in the winter in winter practice especially easy to blush a red, red, this is likely to be felt the winter stimulation and sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can be divided into three kinds: one kind is born corneous layer thin, weak skin protection; Is a kind of mechanical trauma, another is caused by improper nursing blush symptoms in winter. But overall the reason is that the facial skin barrier function as a healthy skin, so skin sensitive person at the time of winter is about to do a good job protection, to avoid the redness. Three, how to alleviate sensitive cause blushing face to red more should pay attention to the moisture in the winter, primary care can protect to the skin of the face. Blushing is mainly due to face corneous layer is thinner, and dry in the winter cold wind will take away the face of the water, when the thin cuticle facial skin water loss, can appear the phenomenon of blush with shame, so using composition simple cream or lotion to facial skin care is important. Hormonal products lead to blush misuse contains hormones or drug ingredients to protect skin to taste in winter, the photon tender skin, such as fruit changes skin cutin treatment make the skin cutin layer thin transparent and easy to form the facial redness. This can lead to skin hormone, hormone stimulation by the face, facial redness, acne, easily become bulky pore, hair will gradually thick. Especially after stop using some protect skin to taste will appear the symptom of redness. Fourth, how to alleviate the blush of hormones cause this situation lead to blush symptoms of winter, should immediately stop using cause skin redness of skin care products. In addition, need to warm water cleansing, pay attention to prevent bask in, appropriate hydrating. Winter diet leads to blush redness and might have been caused by eating in the winter. Generally had higher temperature food, after eating face may be because of the expansion of the capillaries and blush burning. At the university of California, San Diego, a neuroscientist at the ramachandran, points out that women are more likely to blush more than men. Many people blush is for reasons of diet or shy will disappear after a period of time. Five, how to alleviate the blush of diet leads to easy to blush with shame, should eat less food increases vasodilation, such as coffee, tea, cola and other food containing caffeine. Drink water more, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat less acrimony stimulation, fat GanHou greasy food. Also need to pay attention to prevent bask in, prevent sunburn. Winter temperature is low, especially in dry windy cold weather, indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big, so the temperature of the sudden change will cause shrinkage capillary force attenuation or blowout, which makes face red.
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