Why is widely used metal packaging container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
Metal cans made of sheet metal is small containers ( Have two categories, seal and not seal) , typical products: two pieces of round pot aluminium cans, steel cans, round, oval, square etc. Various modelling cans. Head empty cans used metal material: aluminum alloy sheet, tinned sheet steel special-shaped cans: three cans of round cans, food cans of head pot cans, chemical cans, gift cans, art and other miscellaneous cans and so on. Materials: metal tin plating steel sheet and aerosol cans: chrome plated steel sheet metal by able to withstand the internal pressure of airtight metal containers of metal shell and valves, etc. Representative products: aluminum aerosol cans, round shoulder shape, form and steps of inclined shoulder shoulder shape, tinplate aerosol cans ( Three pieces of aerosol cans) Containers, straight body, neck cans. Metal packaging container is widely used, because it has many unique advantages: 1, mechanical performance is good. Relative to other metal container packaging container, such as plastic, glass, paper container strength is big, and good rigidity, not easy to break. Not only can be used for small sales packaging, and is the main large transport packaging container. 2, good barrier property. Than any other sheet metal materials have excellent barrier property, resistance, moisture resistance, shading sex, sex is good, and reliable sealing, can reliably protect the product. 3, easy to realize automatic production. Metal containers production has a long history, a mature technology and matching a set of production equipment, high production efficiency, can meet the needs of the various kinds of product packaging. 4, and exquisite decoration. Metal material printing performance is good; Design trademark bright beautiful, packaging container made by striking, it is a good sales packaging. 5, shape variety. Metal containers can be made according to the different shapes, such as round, oval, square, horseshoe, trapezoidal, etc. , satisfy the different product packing, and make the packaging container more change, promote the sales. 399. HTML keywords:
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