Why is the cosmetics OEM cosmetics production trend?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
as a fast-moving consumer goods market, making the cosmetics brand in the market, more and more, to some extent, also can be set to hold the market brand. Data show that at present the country has about 20000 cosmetics brand, but only about 3000 cosmetics company, has the production capacity and not every cosmetics enterprise or brand has manufacturing plants of the genus since, cosmetics manufacturer brand of booming trend has promoted the development of the domestic cosmetics generation processing business. So, the cosmetics generation became the popular trend of current cosmetics manufacturer production processing! Most of the yes. Even have their own factories, some of the things will be out to contract. Every cosmetics brand has a lot of series, different series may be produced by different foundries. 1. Such as the following brands on skin care products: like lancome, shu uemura, kans, card position, the sparrow gazelles kans, hundred rough market, high boots La Prairie, barbie wave lang, estee lauder, Watson olive series ( Skin care) , SKIN Advanced, such as SKIN Simple are produced by contract research and development. 2. And the following brand on cosmetics, natural hall, pearl, beautiful skin, pill beauty, treasure mgpin, Mary d better, such as domestic brands, dior, lancome, chanel, armani and other international brands, the face shop, innisfree brands, family card appearance and Korea powder, li jie and so on. Processing examples listed so many generations, did not depend on the contract, all factory production of the brand? There are! The following two examples: 1, SK - at the international level II, Japan and domestic a tax-free shop or shop of Hong Kong, South Korea, SK - II is the same production line, the same raw material in the same process. 2, domestic one leaves, belong to the company's brand, by the company's own research and development production factory. So in the future makeup machining generation is one of the measures of international brands in China. So, in China, domestic and international market environment determines the cosmetics generation process is the inevitable trend of future development. At the same time, with the increase and development of cosmetics factory, artificial production costs rise, cosmetics manufacturer fully automated machinery production also will be the inevitable trend of future development. At present, many enterprises not only has the product research and development, production, filling capacity, also can provide packaging design, packaging materials procurement, marketing planning, such as one-stop services, for the majority of small and medium-sized brand development in a shot in the arm. processing is socialization production, the cooperation under the trend of a kind of way, is one of the effective ways of rationalization resources, is also the result of the socialization production guangzhou XJ Beauty biological technology development co. , LTD. Is a collection of scientific research, production, sales as one of the well-known cosmetics production enterprises, the effect of excellence, professional service level in advanced technology has been widely used in cosmetics production and process, make the product safety, stability, effectiveness, TianRanXing reached the international advanced level.
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