Why is suitable for use in winter skin cream

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-24
A in the winter, at ordinary times seemingly thick hands will become more important than facial skin strengthen moist and dry areas, as a direct and effective maintenance way, hand cream can make hand skin, restoring the detailed tender in a short time. That is suitable for in winter to give hand skin deep moisturizing hand cream exactly how to choose, how to do? Q: why easier than face to dry rough hand? A: compared with facial skin, do not have enough on hand skin sebaceous glands distribution, so the lack of innate self moisturizing ability, and often have to do all kinds of work, or frequent contact with alkaline component of detergent, hand skin by external excitation is bound to a lot larger than face, nature, dry rough question will be clearly. Q: composition of high-end hand cream have to use? Answer: not necessarily, high-end hand care products such as with hyaluronic acid, plant extract and mineral composition of hand cream may be in the field of anti-oxidation, repair effect is very good, but this does not mean that it is moist effect must be good. Q: what kind of hand cream is more suitable for use in winter? A: first of all moist degree is higher, then the permeability is good, not cause obvious greasy feeling. One must contain a lot of essential oils, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, mineral oil or petroleum jelly, these components is the key to ensure the hand cream moist degree, can effectively improve the sebum membrane, prevent moisturizing ingredients and the loss of skin moisture. Q: hand cream should apply several times a day? Answer: the frequency of the hand cream is not fixed, daub after every wash their hands, or will be timely when the hand skin feels dry daub, make the product to form a layer of protective film on the skin, thus reduce the cleaner to the skin.
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