Why don't the cost of different kinds of cosmetic container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
There are a lot of people through the network purchase plastic bottles, have a great aim is making an inquiry, and then to accounting cost. However, today we want to say the opposite point of view, and through the network enquiry accounting cost is actually not that simple. First of all, a lot of people at the time of purchasing plastic bottles for plastic bottle capacity, shape and material all have no a definite concept of cosmetics container cosmetics manufacturer can't give accurate quotation. Because the cost of plastic bottles and capacity and overall dimensions are closely related, only the bottle shape parameters of the accurate price estimate. In addition, different plastic material is also an important factor affect the price of plastic bottles. Second, plastic bottles, purchase quantity and whether the Yangtze river with and without spot. Plastic bottles, the greater the purchase quantity will reduce the mould of plastic bottles. Plastic bottle packaging cost different requirements in different fields, plastic packaging is very much involved in the field, from chemicals to cosmetics, from medicine to food, each industry has its own characteristics, so there are many differences to the requirement of plastic packaging, today we talk about plastic bottle cost lies in the difference in different areas, as well as cosmetics container manufacturers how to adjust the strategy and control costs. First of all, medicine bottles, cosmetics bottles is profit higher areas. Especially the cosmetic plastic packaging, cosmetics container manufacturers pay more attention to product appearance, for cost control is not very strict. Production, therefore, this kind of profit is higher plastic bottles, need more is to ensure that products beautiful, personalized design. Should not be too much to compress costs so that he can win the competition in the market. Secondly, chemical food some plastic bottles, is very strict with the cost. Such as glass bottles, distilled water bottles, the requirements of the control of very low cost. Because glass, distilled water itself is very low price, the price of the packaging must be pressure to a part of the very low. Take a look at mineral water bottles, because use, manufacturers on the cost of a single plastic bottle is also very high. For manufacturer engaged in the plastic bottle production, must try to reduce the production cost, to reduce as a primary standard for, otherwise it is difficult to win the market. For cosmetics container cost control and savings, can try to improve from these a few respects. First of all, from the production of cosmetics, the cosmetic container injection, blow technology to realize integration, injection, blow separation now largely increase the labor cost, reduces the efficiency, realize the integration of injection, blow will greatly reduce the production cost. Secondly, the advancement of technology of cosmetics container weight loss, container weight loss on the one hand is to save the production materials, reduce the cost. On the other hand is the logistics cost has been compressed. Cosmetics container material development and the innovation, increase the diversification of cosmetics container production material, raw materials, competitive prices fall, is the effective means for cosmetics container prices fall. Cosmetics container cost control and lower has good economic benefit is not only for enterprises, for the society as a whole also can produce good social benefits. 416. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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