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by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-03-07
Why do men's shopping carts have more BB cream and eyebrow pencil? Ocean network news is changing with the traditional consumer demand defined based on gender labels. According to a survey conducted by all-media reporters in Guangzhou Daily, Chinese men have paid more and more attention to 'face Project' in recent years, and finding and grasping the growth point of male consumption will become the next consumption outlet. According to the data of many online shopping platforms such as Vipshop, Tmall and rebate, facial mask, BB cream, lipstick and eyebrow pencil have become the main shopping choices for many men, and men after 80 will choose better skin care products, after 95, the fresh meat began to make up. Data: The per capita consumption of male essence category exceeds that of female consumption data provides a footnote to this phenomenon. Industry statistics show that the scale of China's male beauty market has reached 154 yuan by 2019. In the past three years, the sales volume of skin care products purchased by male users on the Proview platform has almost doubled every year. According to the latest data released by the online shopping guide platform rebate network, from July to May this year, the average daily search volume of men's cosmetics on the platform increased by 169%year-on-year, of which 32. 4% accounted for the largest consumer group of men's beauty makeup. It is understood that since 2015, the essence of men's skin care products has increased by more than 100%, and has maintained an annual growth of more than 50% since then. Even since 2017, the growth of men's consumption in the elite category and the per capita consumption have begun to exceed that of women. In response, the relevant person in charge said that this is related to the consumption characteristics of men's preference for big names and low promotion sensitivity. At the same time, it also shows that men's skin care exceeds the simple stage of cleansing and moisturizing, begin to explore deep skin care. In addition, male consumers began to pay more and more attention to details. 'in the past, male skin care products mostly stayed at the levels of oil control, acne removal and freshness, but from July to May this year, men's attention to blackheads has increased by 52%, and their attention to whitening and spot-reducing effective creams has increased by 46%. 'Survey: online and offline are aimed at the male beauty market. Many beauty brands have begun to use the male popular little Fresh Meat star endorsement: Lu Han's endorsement of L'Oreal's Qihuan shuiguang air cushion cream, Wu Yifan's endorsement of Maybelline giant flaw concealer BB cream, wang Yuan is not only the new brand ambassador of L'Oreal Paris, but also has the lipstick color number 'Wang Yuan color' named after himself '. . . . . . . No matter TikTok or Little Red Book, at least 4 of the 10 beauty bloggers are men. In Zhihu, a piece about 'how do men protect their skin and which skin care products should they use? 'The problem has been viewed 315 times. A 40-minute 'introduction to naked makeup for boys' course launched by a male makeup artist costs 19 yuan and 3626 people participate. The Guangzhou daily all-media reporter asked a number of men who are learning makeup in a male makeup teaching group. Most boys said that makeup is also to please themselves, to increase self-confidence and even improve work efficiency. There are also some men in the group who said that they want to be beautiful because of the pressure of Yan value. Recently, the reporter visited several cosmetics stores in Guangzhou Tianhe business circle and saw that almost most beauty brands have launched single products for male users, some beauty brands have also launched a series of men's products, from foundation to eyeliner and lip gloss, which are no less than women's products. According to Miss Chen, a salesman in a store, most of the men who came to buy cosmetics came after 95, and most of them came to buy with their girlfriends. Features: The lower the age, the more delicate the male makeup is. The Post-95 S is the largest consumer group of male makeup. Male makeup is no longer a new thing, while young male makeup tends to be normal, the overall situation is 'the younger the more exquisite. According to reports previously released by Vipshop and Tmall, male beauty consumption after 95 has increased by more than 50% for two consecutive years. The data of rebate network also shows that the turnover of male beauty makeup increased by 136%year-on-year in 2018, and the turnover of male beauty makeup increased by 140. 36% year-on-year from 2019 to July. The delicate Boy after 95 has occupied an unshakable position in the male makeup market with strong consumption power, with a consumption share of 32. 4%. Among them, BB/CC Cream, lipstick and eyebrow pencil became the top three most popular male makeup. In addition, men's eyeliner has become the fastest growing item, up 168. 56% year on year. Wang Qian, deputy director of Bazaar beauty, believes that compared with other ages, the concept of delicate life after 95 is very advanced, especially reflected in the attention of Post-95 men to skin care products and cosmetics. More and more post-95s men buy and use cosmetics, and the motivation of 'loving beauty' has greatly increased the consumption power of men's beauty makeup. 'The traditional impression of the bottom of male consumption market value is being broken,' an insider pointed out, 'finding and grasping the growth point of male consumption will become the next consumption outlet, especially the young male customers, it has shown a strong desire for consumption and a more segmented category demand, and grasping them will become an important breakthrough in the Nuggets market. 'Guangzhou daily all-media reporter Ni Ming Source: Dayang News
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