Why do men's shopping carts have more BB cream and eyebrow pencil?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-03

Why do men's shopping carts have more BB cream and eyebrow pencil? Dayang news is changing with the traditional consumer demand based on gender label definition. A survey by all-media reporters from Guangzhou Daily found that Chinese men have paid more and more attention to 'face Project' in recent years, and finding and grasping the growth point of male consumption will become the next consumption outlet. Vipshop, Tmall, rebate network and other online shopping platform data reflect, mask, BB cream, lipstick, eyebrow pencil has become a lot of men's main shopping choice, after 80 men will choose a little better skin care products, after 95, the small fresh meat began to make up.


Data: The per capita consumption of male elite categories exceeds that of female consumption data provides a footnote to this phenomenon. Industry statistics show that the size of China's male beauty market reached 15. 4 billion yuan by 2019. In the past three years, the sales volume of skin care products purchased by male users on the Proview platform has almost doubled every year. According to the latest data released by the online shopping guide platform rebate network, from July to this year, the average daily search volume of men's cosmetics on the platform increased by 169% year on year, among them, 32. 4% of the post-95 s became the largest consumer group of men's beauty makeup. It is understood that since 2015, the essence of men's skin care products has increased by more than 100%, and since then it has maintained an annual growth of more than 50%. Even from 2017 onwards, the consumption of men in the essence category increased and the per capita consumption began to exceed that of women. In response, the relevant person in charge said that this is related to the consumption characteristics of men who prefer big names and have low promotion sensitivity.  


At the same time, it also shows that men's skin care exceeds the simple stage of cleansing and moisturizing, start to explore deep skin care. In addition, male consumers began to pay more and more attention to details.  'in the past, male skin care products mostly stayed at the levels of oil control, acne removal and refreshing.  


From July to this year, men's attention to blackheads increased by 52%, attention to whitening and blemishes cream has increased by 46%. 'Survey: both online and offline are aimed at men's beauty makeup market.  


Many beauty makeup brands have started to use men's popular fresh meat stars to speak for them: Lu Han speaks for L 'Or é Al's Qihuan shuiguang air cushion cream, and Wu Yifan speaks for Maybelline's giant concealer air cushion BB cream, wang Yuan is not only the ambassador of L 'Or é al Paris's new brand, but also has the lipstick color number 'Wang Yuan color' named after himself '... Whether it's TikTok or Little Red Riding book, at least 4 of the 10 beauty bloggers are men. In Zhihu, there is a question about 'how do men protect their skin and which skin care products should they use? 'The question has been viewed 3. 15 million times. A 40-minute 'introduction to naked makeup for boys' course launched by a male makeup artist costs 19 yuan, with 3626 people participating.  


Guangzhou Daily's all-media reporter asked a number of men who were learning makeup in a male makeup teaching group.  Most boys said that makeup is also for the pleasure of themselves, to increase self-confidence and even improve work efficiency. Some men in the group said they wanted to be beautiful because they were under great pressure. Recently, the reporter visited several cosmetics stores in Guangzhou Tianhe business circle and saw that almost most of the beauty brands have launched single products for male users, some beauty brands have also launched men's products, from foundation to eyeliner and lip gloss, which are no less than women's products. According to Miss Chen, a salesman in an Store, most of the men who came to buy cosmetics came after 95, and most of them came to buy with their girlfriends. Features: The younger the more refined, the Post-95 is the largest consumer group of male makeup.  


Male makeup is no longer a new thing, and young male makeup is more normal, the overall situation is 'the younger the more refined. Vipshop, Tmall previously released reports show that after 95 men's beauty consumption has been growing for two consecutive years more than 50%. Rebate data also show 2018 male beauty volume with than growth for 136% 2019 1-July male beauty volume with than growth for 140. 36%. The Post-95 s exquisite Boy has occupied an unshakable position in the male makeup market with strong consumption power, with a consumption share of 32. 4%. Among them, BB/CC Cream, lipstick and eyebrow pencil became the top three most popular male makeup. In addition, men's special eyeliner became the fastest growing item, up 168. 56% year on year. Wang Qian, deputy director of Bazaar beauty, believes that compared with other age groups, the Post-95 s concept of exquisite life is very advanced, especially in the post-95 s men's attention to skin care products and cosmetics. More and more post-95 men buy and use cosmetics, and the motivation of 'loving beauty' greatly increases the motivation of men's beauty consumption. 'The traditional impression that the market value of male consumption is at the bottom is being broken', an industry insider pointed out, 'finding and grasping the growth point of male consumption will become the next consumption outlet, especially the young male customers, it has already shown a strong desire for consumption and a more detailed category demand, and grasping them will become an important breakthrough in the gold market. 'Guangzhou daily all-media reporter Ni Ming stated: reprinting this article is for the purpose of transmitting more information. If there is a source error or infringement of your legal rights, please contact the author with the ownership certificate, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you. Source: Ocean Network News                                

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