Why did whitening skin care products have no effect?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2019-12-29
The ingredients are not understood. Because of the chemical composition in the skin care products, it is quite difficult to translate into Chinese, not to mention English. Consumers are often too lazy to read. However, key ingredient labels can usually help you understand whether they fit the skin at this time. Read more beauty magazines or surf the Internet to absorb knowledge about ingredients so that you won't buy skin care products that you don't need at all. It is also a method to keep the outer packaging of the product and let the dermatologist help you to examine it. The added concentration is discounted, and the active ingredients are indeed added to the skin care products. If the concentration is not high, the skin care effect can be reduced. For example, according to the new regulations of the Department of Health, whitening products do not need to be marked as long as the concentration of active ingredients is within the prescribed safe range. Take vitamin C as an example, 0. The concentration of 1% and 2% is added, of course, the effect is also somewhat different. Unfortunately, there is no clear identification method. It can only be said that if the ingredients of the skin care products are marked to the skin's appetite, but not as good as expected, perhaps the concentration is the key. The positioning of the skin is unknown, so don't be confused by the external dry oil of the cosmetics manufacturer and the internal dry oil. The sebaceous gland secretion is in the outer layer of the whole skin, so there is no skin that is dry and oily. Most of the problems are caused by the dryness of the oil. Originally, it belongs to dry skin, but it affects the secretion of oil due to acquired atopic dermatitis or hormonal changes, as for drying, it is a problem of cuticle. Find out the cause of inflammation to avoid, do a light moisturizing, the effect is better to buy anti-sensitive, or misuse oil control products. Looking forward to exceeding the effect, many consumers think too much about the effect that skin care products can play, ignoring that it is mainly prevention and mitigation. It seems to be able to dilute the depth of fine lines, but it cannot completely remove wrinkles; Can diminish inflammation, slight local acne, but can not treat severe and large-area inflammatory acne; It can whiten skin, enhance skin brightness and fade spots, but it cannot be White beyond the original skin color limit, nor can it make spots disappear completely. In addition, skin care products usually have to be executed 2 ~ 4 weeks is more effective, after the skin condition is improved, usually face, stagnation period, not losing effect, but the skin has improved to the limit of this can of skin care products.
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