Why cosmetics processing raw materials, packaging materials prices?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-05-21
As raw materials and packaging materials prices soaring, local cosmetics processing small brands or will usher in a wave of death. At the end of last year, a cosmetics OEM industry officials declined to be named said to us, prices will increase the cost of raw materials and packaging material, is likely to make many small brands, fall in profits and sales scale is not large area. The processing beginning in the second half of 2016, the cosmetics industry has obviously feel the trend of raw materials and packaging materials rise in price. These people worry about is not alarmist. We from guangzhou and Shanghai and other places more than cosmetic processing industry mouth heard, in boom began, nationwide has closed hundreds of cosmetics processing enterprise, many local small and medium-sized brand complained bitterly. What truth is? Raw materials and packaging materials prices really have so much influence?>>>> Cosmetic raw materials, packaging materials has rise in price, the industry affected plastic, cardboard, pig iron, rubber raw materials, such as price, make the prices become a hot topic of national, many industry. In terms of raw materials, niacinamide, for example, reports showed that nicotinamide on the eve of Spring Festival from 2017 began to rise in price, in the international market, price increase will be more obvious, since this month is expected to rise 15% in April. At present, the prices of nicotinamide has led to some cosmetics production costs increase. The raw material market change of pyridine, feed industry of vitamins purchase quantity and the development of aquaculture is the main factor affecting the market of nicotinamide. This round of cosmetics manufacturer processing raw materials rise in price of main associated with three aspects: 1. Climate influenced by southeast Asia adverse climate, for example, production of palm oil in 2016. Past the palm oil production of southeast Asia in the past about accounted for 80% of the world, this leads to a related and there is a huge cosmetics raw material supply. 2. The RMB exchange rate depreciation for the need to import cosmetics raw materials processing, exchange rate directly affects the stock price, and the solution of the problem mainly depends on national policy. 3. Political factors influenced by the international situation, when the import customs clearance time of raw materials, a series of cost increase, leading to the final cosmetic raw material prices. To make matters worse, the price is not only a cosmetic processing raw material, the critical packaging for cosmetics marketing, costs are rising significantly. 'Some time ago, a packing paper a month price, now the price of not degrees compared with the same period last year doubled. 'Li, general manager of packaging Li Daoyang this year is still a little worried. At the end of 2016, and cosmetics raw materials, cosmetics packaging also suffered a wave of price increases. Gains the most significant of these is corrugated paper and corrugated board paper packaging materials, etc. Small carton prices fierce, the reason why? 1. Environmental policy in recent years, especially in the autumn and winter season, under the haze pollution status of environment influence, more government high-pressure environmental policies, the vast majority of small and medium-sized paper because it could not meet the requirements of environmental protection was forced to shut down or closure. Not only that, the G20 summit in September 2016, the state set for the several large paper company policy of mandatory cuts of forty percent or half-and-half, reduce packaging and printing enterprise to obtain the source of the base paper, the cause of 'one paper is hard to find' situation. 2. Yuan depreciation effect caused by depreciation is becoming more and more unable to forecast rising raw materials, due to the half of China's paper industry raw materials is imported, depreciation will lead to rising material costs. 3. Some companies interested in bounty in the interview we respectively from the brand and the place such as the upstream suppliers to understand, or exist in the papermaking enterprises on the market at present suppliers interested bounty, formed an atmosphere of paranoia, but the truth is not as serious oral. According to the interview to understand, represented by wrapping paper packaging material price increases has reached a plateau, prices began to stabilize. And under the control of national policy, at present the yuan's exchange rate against the dollar so far this year have accumulated appreciation of 0. The yuan short-term exchange rate 6%, and maintain stability, downward pressure on the basic release. Therefore, cosmetics manufacturer raw materials prices temporarily won't appear at the end of last year that abnormal surge. However, it is worth noting that in 2017 the state environmental protection is still relatively strict, industry park to leak or become the norm, industry concentration development more and more obvious, it will also become a kind of the trend of The Times. With that in mind, cosmetics manufacturer processing enterprises should also get ready for your response to trend of change, of course, if the response is 'harm consumers' as the premise, that is a big dead.
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