Why cosmetics need to add the fragrance? It did harm to the skin?

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
Essence of cosmetics manufacturer

is often described as an allergen skin

some little sister when buying cosmetics containing essence there would be entangled with

in wanted to talk to you today the herbs cosmetics,

why add it to the cosmetics?

it did harm to the skin?

XJ Beauty of small make up, as a love of science small make up, will tell you today flavors on the importance of cosmetics, and take you to get to know it!

1。 What is essence?

essence is a kind of mixture, generally by two or more natural or synthetic spices, commonly used in cosmetics. Natural flavor is mainly divided into natural flavor of plant and animal spices; Synthetic spices, according to the chemical structure, can be divided into two categories, natural and man-made structure.

2。 Why join the essence in cosmetics?

is added in the cosmetics fragrance, has the following two main functions:

1. Cover up the smell of raw materials

there will be some cosmetics raw material itself inherent odor, some are not so good smell, most consumers are hard to accept, by adding the essence of the water in the cosmetics, can well cover the smell of the material itself, giving cosmetics pleasant fragrance.

(2) to cater to the be fond of of consumer

is an important sensory index of the cosmetics fragrance, but also often been an important factor for evaluating the quality of the product, a lot of people before buying cosmetics, instinctively to smell, to choose their own cosmetics. It is based on this, cosmetics manufacturers to join in the cosmetics fragrance to change its smell, make cosmetics more popular.

3。 Essence of harm to the skin?

essence in the cosmetic consumption is small, but it is a cosmetic allergic reaction and other stimulus is the most common factors. According to statistics, each essence is sensitive to some to have effect and stimulate the reaction, including the cause of allergic contact dermatitis, the stimulation or light toxicity, light cause contact dermatitis, contact nonimmunologic urticaria and autoimmune urticaria, and subjective symptoms such as stimulation.

common easy cause sensitization spices: cinnamic alcohol, phenylethyl alcohol, hydroxy citronellal, benzyl salicylate, citronellal, coumarin, cinnamaldehyde, jasmine, geraniol, balsam of Peru, isoeugenol, tree moss net oil, eugenol, oak moss net oil, anisic alcohol, etc.

so essence is the necessities cosmetics, but in the process of brand merchants looking for cosmetics, must find normal cosmetics OEM/ODM company! XJ get ready for the big brands of cosmetics processing services!

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