Why choose cosmetics OEM, generation processing

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-15
With commodity economy increasingly listing, many enterprises increasingly attaches great importance to the commodity deep discussion, put some product cost is high, the process flow of mixed process for project outsourcing, so a lot of skin care products of well-known brand agent does not have its own manufacturing factory, they preferred to choose skin care products OEM products OEM manufacturers. Reduce goods mature in terms of costs to step into ageing skincare products, reduce the product cost is to maintain the profit point. If can not reduce cost cost, in China you looking abroad, may carry out foreign investment, project outsourcing for OEM production, perhaps. Many ou beauty skin care products well-known brands are all applied foreign OEM, immediately reduce the risk and cost of manufacturing, in order to obtain higher profits. Promotion of goods in terms of diversity on single well-known brands, because its well-known brand is very famous, has certain customer base, to widen the development and design a large number of types of goods, OEM agent processing way also rare to find a easy way. Product development and design with large market orientation tend to have a period of interval, well-known brands can be applied only to their own goods secret ways to produce goods, OEM agent processing quickly fill the big market gap, occupy large shopping mall. Now many people in the skincare self-employment, but some friends do not understand cosmetics OEM, guangzhou cosmetics manufacturer factory XJ Beauty technology combing a lot of problem today, during this is only a small part. 1, skin care products OEM production and processing requirements the equilibrium of supply and demand of the customers cosmetics enterprise business license and cosmetics trademark logo, no enterprise business license or trademark logo can authorize guangzhou cosmetics factory or company registered acting application for registration, take up and down in 2000. 2, guangzhou cosmetics factory is not the same as the bulk, this with the manufacturer's operating scale, overall production factory scale, the greater the up batch is higher; Commodity categories, suppository cream first love old love new love film and other single bottle specification, materials with low price, the higher bulk, and essence, essence, small single bottle norms such as essential oil, raw material price is higher, the batch is lower than the above,; The cost of batch with manufactured goods, production process etc. 3, cosmetics OEM price with material cost; Processing costs and processing costs including packing, cans, etc. ; The third party testing cost, cost including goods for the record inspection cost; Packing material cost and freight logistics transportation cost, freight logistics transport cost during general is full of customers, manufacturers don't package transportation logistics cost. 4, cosmetics manufacturer OEM production and processing production cycle time is a packaging material to the cosmetics manufacturer manufacturer, the manufacturer inspection packing material quality pass within 15 working days after delivery; During packaging materials manufacturers generally only as to help customers to buy, packaging material 20 - play version, the production, the recycling requirements Up and down for 50 days.
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