Why choose acrylic this kind of plank is cosmetics container

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-18
Acrylic is also called the PMMA or organic glass, chemical name as PMMA, is the key to a development late in plasticity polymer materials, has the good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, processing, elegant appearance, has widespread application in the construction industry. Organic glass products generally can be divided into casting plate, sheet extrusion and molding compound. Cosmetics bottles cosmetics manufacturer of acrylic bottles with good transparency, light transmittance over 92%, anti-aging performance is good, also can set his mind at to use in outdoor, acrylic bottle packaging variety, color is rich, and has excellent comprehensive performance, provides a wide variety of choices for the designers, can be dyed, can spray paint, silk screen, or vacuum coating surface. Cosmetics container acrylic bottles with crystalline transparency, light transmittance in more than 92%, the light round, clear vision, using dye acrylic color also have very good exhibition effect. Acrylic has good weathering resistance, low surface hardness and surface luster, and good high temperature performance. Acrylic has good processing performance, not only can be used hot forming, also can use mechanical processing way. Transparent acrylic sheet has and match the light transmittance of glass, but the density is only half of the glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, even damage, also won't like glass forming sharp fragments. Wearability of acrylic sheet and aluminum, good stability and corrosion resistance to a variety of chemicals. Yakeli board has good pleasant to printing and spraying, adopting suitable printing and coating process, gives the surface of the acrylic products perfect decoration effect. Never since but belongs to flammable items, never has the self-extinguishing. 473. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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