Why are an increasing number of cosmetic plastic containers are transparent

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-19
Cosmetic plastic containers is the use of polyester, PET) , polyethylene ( PE) And polypropylene ( PP) As raw material, after adding the corresponding organic solvent, after high temperature heating, through plastic mold after blow molding, extrusion blow or injection molding of plastic containers. Cosmetic plastic containers have not easily broken, low cost, high transparency, food grade raw material, etc. We come to the specific look at certain scale for the request of the cosmetic plastic containers. Plastic containers for cosmetics packaging, is a, if a manufacturer to do both food and cosmetic plastic containers, will not have a lot of energy to the solution of cosmetic plastic container port these details of the problems, such as residual is hard to get and win the favour of cosmetics manufacturer. Look at driving differentiation of make-up cosmetics plastic container packaging market, with the cosmetic in children, the man power of the market, he can also request cosmetic plastic container manufacturers to launch suitable in these market segments market demand of cosmetic plastic container packaging, these will need to be our cosmetics manufacturer ready to response market concerning access and professional design, it also puts forward the request on cosmetic plastic container manufacturer specialized. Most common cosmetic containers based on high density polyethylene (hdpe. To meet the requirements of different products of packing, cosmetic plastic containers of material also increasingly rich rise. Due to the transparent container can let consumers to see the content clearly, so the consumer demand for transparent container is more and more widely, and transparent polypropylene cppzT is to meet the requirements of the main material, pp transparent bottles of development is a hotspot at home and abroad in recent years, plastic packaging. Compared with other transparent plastic resin, CPP is a competitive quality and cheap, new products. High transparent pp container, has the very good transparency and gloss, appreciation sex strong, popular. The current situation, as a result of plastic light and cheap, easy to form scale production, can make various specification size, transparent, opaque, and all sorts of color cosmetic plastic containers, and printing performance is very good, can use the methods such as thermal transfer, inkjet, printing the manual, logo, barcode printing directly on the surface of cosmetic plastic containers. Therefore, plastic packaging has occupied more than eighty percent of the cosmetic packing market, as cosmetics packaging container. 429. HTML keywords: cosmetic containers, cosmetics bottles, cosmetic plastic containers
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