Which type face cloth is good

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-04-20
A, traditional non-woven slice it is directly used polymer, short fiber or filament, through a variety of fabric forming method and solid technique has soft, breathable and plane structure of new fiber products. Type 2, crystal mask is often people become 'silicon membrane material,' common eye mask is commonly use the membrane material. It is to use the silicone, AGAR gel crystal as base material, and then all kinds of active ingredients condensation, formed a kind of transparent crystal facial mask. Crystal glue after contact with the skin under the action of temperature will gradually dissolve and infiltration. Three, silk mask is very popular in recent years the mask material, very transparent thin transparent but personally I think it is a violation of face film category of original intention, usually made of copper ammonia fiber non-woven fabrics, it with cotton linter as raw material, no filling material surface with a layer of silk lustre. Four film, fruit fiber fruit fiber mask with wood pulp as raw material, the water thorn method of textile. Five, biological fiber mask very early by the love in the name of a leading the trend, but alternative cost is too high, low penetration rate is still so far. It have a natural strains selected from plant materials, microbial cellulose fermentation to produce. Six, black charcoal mask last year there was a time small scratched the black mask agitation, generally divided into dyeing and hybrid. Dyeing is purely a ordinary non-woven mask dark to hybrid film of face of black carbon is usually at the time of plant fiber into pulp add bamboo carbon powder or for long charcoal powder, stir evenly after high pressure jet. Seven, chitosan film of face of the current, method of production of chitin, chitosan fiber roughly crosslinking method, coating, polymer, clay than ong and wet spinning method.
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