Where is the cosmetics OEM breakthrough

by:XJ BEAUTY     2020-06-09
After years into the 21st century, many cosmetics OEM manufacturing enterprises compete to start way down, straight terminal equipment, and terminal equipment retail cooperation immediately, although the practice is not never, road a little ostentatious, set sales subsidiaries in other cities, a service, and create a sales team, kindly send production factory workers in cosmetics OEM agent, is called it was to help dealers management, concrete is agent of customer data collection, communication and associated terminal equipment retail, with the goal, all is one, the effect of the agent, broken agent sales market, narrowing the retailer's profit, will not save to the terminal equipment retail. OEM agent in your own business success instance is not a few, have well-known brands have the industrial chain, to success in the professional view that there is no doubt that is the transformation of the development, so a lot of people fight, but a handful of success, to see this path is not who will be able to walk. Build a well-known brand for cosmetics OEM in terms of the agent is not easy, so make a famous brand must be what standards? Winners told people three criteria: it is a good commodity, 2 it is a good project plan, three is a good talent team construction, and pay attention to the standard a than a key, a than a commendable. Because this kind of transition from regional agent of the development of the cosmetics manufacturer company, its original structure only to manufacturers from the responsibilities of a marketing unit, and the goods from the project plan to product research and development, to test, test, to mass production to experience the whole process of a relative long, which stage of the problem, all don't can produce good goods, cosmetics manufacturer OEM born merchants and agents, often rush concept in severe cases, expect commodity sale as soon as possible, usually because the project plan and the product quality can't forecast sales of actual effect. In fact by the assets of the dimension of the overall strength of harm, real will to open entity shop or a handful of upstream and downstream, success is a handful.
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